It's not so hard to believe that in the modern world, where the Internet is available almost everywhere, many difficulties can be easily solved with the help of so-called “lifehacks”: from the simplest and most well-known like how to download videos from YouTube, to more unbelievable like turning matte paper into glossy without using a special equipment. The last one, by the way, is not a fiction. Be informed about how to easily laminate paper at home without a laminator if you are interested. There are also many other cool lifehacks, and we have collected the best of them for you!

Looking for music for the working day?
Video games soundtracks are a perfect choice. They are designed not to distract the listener from the main activity. Therefore, that’s kind of music even is able to concentrate you to the maximum. And if it is also a soundtrack from your favorite video game, then such music will be an excellent motivator.

Forgetting about the most important?
To keep an important list at hand and in plain sight, set it as wallpaper on your phone. So it will always be in front of your eyes and you will not forget about the most important things to do.

Need to get rid of mistakes quickly?
To make it easier to check a long article for mistakes and typos, paste the text into Google Translate and check all the highlighted parts of the text.

Need a charged phone ASAP?
In order to charge the phone as quickly as possible, you just need to put it on the flight mode. And also, to quickly heat the frozen phone you need to connect it to the charging.

Afraid to be out of money?
Just in case, keep a few bills between the phone and the case. Such money can always come in handy.

Someone wants to call from your iPhone?
Use Siri to unlock the screen for a call. In this case, the person will not have access to other functions and applications of the phone.

Want your laptop battery to work longer?
Just always charge it up to 80%, not to 100%. In this way, your battery will not wear out so quickly.

Want to get some extra discount for a flight ticket?
Before you book your flight, clear the cookies or buy it in incognito mode and the tickets will be cheaper.

Social networks distract you from work?
Just install any “selfcontrol” app in the Apple Store or Play Market to temporarily block them.

The printer is running out of black ink?
Just change the font color to #010101. As a result, you will get a dark gray color, which can easily replace black.

Choosing headphones with a perfect sound?
Test all the headphones with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. It has a wide range of high and low frequencies to get the most accurate test results.

Need to make music on your phone louder?
Place your phone in a plastic, paper, or glass cup. The sound will be noticeably more powerful and louder.

The smartphone quickly gets discharged?
The battery life on the smartphones that have an AMOLED screen can be saved a little by putting dark wallpaper on the background. It will save approximately 6-8%. Not so bad.

Losing important contacts on a regular basis?
Take a picture of the business card you were given. If you lose it (and it happens often), contacts will still be saved.

Need to remember the exact time of a certain moment?
Call anyone and reset so you could see the exact time of the event you wanted to remember.

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