As I sit here in my car in the hot Texas summer, I have a sense of peace in my heart. I look out the car window and am amazed at the beautiful green trees that stand resilient against the beating heat. If you look hard enough you can see a pure white aura glowing from their steady statures. Around is a dazzling blue cornflower blue sky with white puffy clouds that make me want to dive into their marshmallow-ness. Even the soft breeze that blows through my window and dance across my skin takes strands of my hair off on a miniature dance.

I then check in on my body. Warmed skin, energy flowing deep in my belly, a soft breeze touching my cheek, and a tad bit of sleepiness in my eyes. I breathe deep into my diaphragm and note that my chest is slightly constricted from a busy, stressful day.

All of these beautiful things I would be missing out on if not for my intention to stop and really pay attention to not only my body but also my life. It is so easy to get lost in the humdrum daily grind and constant hustle – what I like to call the “hamster wheel” of life that we humans in today's society so easily find ourselves on.

However, over the last few months I have made an extra special effort to focus in on what is happening in the present moment and tune into both my physical and emotional feelings. So today when I found myself experiencing shallow breathing and a tight chest as well as feeling really disconnected from my own energy, I knew I needed to stop, take a moment, and reconnect.

I could tell you all that I am always calm, collected, and connected...but that would be a lie. I'm totally human and get caught up in my ego and distractions like other humans. The point is that I make the effort to be a constant observer of my life in order to know when something is out of balance. Then I make the effort to make the changes necessary to rebalance my life and my emotions.

In sessions and even in blog posts I often talk quite a bit about orgasm and orgasmic energy. When I speak about this phenomenon I'm not just talking about it in a sexual manner. I'm talking about how our lives can be orgasmic!

The truth is that we can "get off" every time we have sex and still be totally out of whack energetically. Are you missing the little orgasms in your daily life? Are you simply riding the "kiddie ride" of orgasm where the peaks and valleys are shallow and safe?

The truth is that in life we make ourselves incredibly vulnerable if we sink into a Six Flags roller coaster kind of life and orgasmic experience. However, that's unfortunately where we find the riches of life: happiness and peace. The lows make the highs even more amazing.

As humans we are very bad at compartmentalizing life. We cannot expect to ride these amazing orgasms in the bedroom but then be constricted in the remainder of our lives. We cannot close down aspects of ourselves and hope to be fully open to experiences that we desire.

I think this is true for both men and women but find that it particularly resonates with women. Our feminine energy and brains are especially not meant to function in this manner. Men often also think they are able to do this but the truth is that they are most likely cutting off their natural feminine energy in order to live in this way, which leads to an imbalance that possibly goes unnoticed.

Having the courage to be vulnerable to the highs, lows, and in betweens of daily life is the only way to fully experience all the wonder that this world holds. Taking the time to recognize ALL aspects of the orgasmic wave of life, including the parts that are uncomfortable, is the way to find ultimate bliss.

Go out today and recognize all the little orgasms in your life and how there is beauty in every moment of everyday if you take the time to open your heart to the world.

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Author's Bio: 

Addison Bell is a local Tantric Practitioner, Experiential Sex Coach, and Body-Image Expert. She is known for her fierce passion for helping others reach their life potential.
Over the last 10 years Addison has gathered a multitude of skills and knowledge and has integrated these modalities into her own Tantric healing blend. Addison has a Master's in Counseling and has training/certifications in sexuality, body-image, Reiki, and other experiential techniques.
It has been a long and beautiful road for Addison to get to her current life path. She was raised in a Catholic family with strict ideals surrounding sex, marriage, and sin. She spent years internalizing societal messages which she would later overcome and become an advocate for in her work. After childhood sexual abuse, rape, an eating disorder and extreme sexual shame Addison knew she needed a change. With the help of a few beautiful souls she decided to step into her sex, her truth, and simply her life. Addison has found her way to an abundant and fulfilled life and now takes joy in bringing these gifts to others through a variety of methods.
Addison views our sexual fulfillment as a reflection of how we are living the rest of our lives. She is a raw and honest individual that uses both her years of experience & her personal journey to help people to move forward. Clients are refreshed by her open and honest approach to issues of body-image, sexuality, desire, and shame.