We are now in these physical bodies because we wanted to be. Also we have come here because this is what we did choose. This body we are now inhabiting is just a tool which we create and know ourselves. We can always set our purpose, choose where we want to go, and in what condition we would arrive there, after our death. Death is just a new beginning and truly happy moment for the soul. This is why there are many people around us who seem to know so much, they are great teachers. They have chosen to come to teach others, offer support and remind them why they are here.
We cannot die! All we do is change form when we have done with what we came here to do, or we no longer see a point in staying with that particular body, and go seeking for a new experience. Life is eternal and an ongoing process of creation.

Soul and body

Inhabiting a physical body is the hardest thing for the soul. This is why little babies sleep so much for example. Soul is free when we are asleep. As time goes by the soul gets used with being inside a body and having an intelligence. Soul’s true wish is to create, to know itself and to create every single experience it wants. Apparently there is always a time when mind comes to play. Young mind is perfect at first, but it can be easily influenced by others who have forgotten their true nature. This is usually why soul gets clouded, and as a result will stay on the background. Our purpose gets lost and our intuition factor reduces to minimum, because it is being used rarely or is completely ignored. Our mind develops habits quickly, it learns to hold our actions back and this is what keeps us away from doing what we want. We should really meditate and learn to think, because most people do not think. They act on instinct. Life’s purpose gets unclear for most people because the mind is controlling them and which they have not yet learned to use by themselves. They are not masters of their own mind.

Do what you feel is right

You can only live your life to the fullest if you have developed a complete control over your thinking faculty. We should learn to calm our minds and do what we feel is right. Nothing great can be achieved if we do what others tell us. We want to look around and do what we like. Many of us are doing deeds in life that others want or demand and are afraid or don’t want to disappoint them. Doing what we want is the way that serves us.
Life presents everything to you. Every situation and experience, so you could choose what you like and what you don’t. Don’t condemn bad, because without it we would not know the good.
And when we have found something we love it should really feel great, different. Life is supposed to be fun, so there is really no reason why you should give your attention to things you don’t like. Just seek out what you like, and if your life is really upside down right now, know that we can change our life any day, any moment, because we are living in a moment. There is no past and there is no future - they exist only in our mind. We live in one moment and that moment is now. Every task being leaved in the future cannot be realized. Act now and start doing the things you feel that are in alignment with your being. Present moment is the only reality for everyone and everything.

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Hello! My name is Indrek Kerbo. Teacher and also a student of wide variety of self development materials. I have a lot of experience from which I have learned much. I meditate and lucid dream daily and find the human mind very powerful tool. I have a new website where new contents are being uploaded weekly http://www.personal-improvement-portal.com/. I also have a facebook page, feel free to connect with me.