Even though it is difficult it is more critical than you ever thought to live a stable life when dealing with fertility and reproduction. We were created to mature and procreate, but sometimes we abuse ourselves or wait so long infertility becomes a distressing concern.

Situations in your life that can affect you capability to get pregnant

How Old Are You?

When you are young is the prime time to get pregnant. If you don’t get pregnant in your 20’s you run the threat of more complications, like abruptic placentae, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, preterm delivery and miscarriage. We have more chances of having babies with genetic defects. While we’ve been waiting for the correct time, time has passed us bye. It doesn’t mean we won’t be able to have the children we desire. IVF, adoption and surrogacy have definitely opened up more choices, but age sometimes matters even with these options.

Undernourished or Obese

Your biggest problem may be those extra pounds that affect your hormones. Overweight women can suffer an increase in insulin levels which can cause the ovaries to, make too many male hormones. You will stop releasing eggs PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can cause women to be obese. Sometimes if we bring our body back into equilibrium, lose the weight and exercise our fertility will return.

One can also be too thin. Exercise obsessed women reduce their levels of estrogen – the hormone that makes us female. Lack of estrogen will throw women into early menopause and they will lose too many of their eggs each month.

If we are to create life, then we may have to concede our weight issues. According to research 75% of those patients who were too skinny due to exercise and dieting got pregnant after gaining a balanced weight.

Your Past

What you eat, how you sleep and who you sleep with can affect your fertility. A sexually spread disease can attack your fallopian tubes and wreak you fertility.
It is estimated that 20% of all who get pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) a byproduct of a sexually spread disease become infertile. Sharing your past with your infertility specialist can be a vital piece of information concerning infertility problems.


It should not be unexpected that excessive drinking, smoking and caffeine can cause severe damage to a woman’s reproductive health. Injury to sperm can also be caused by these three. So cut back on these vices considerably to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Eating Disorders

Pregnancy and eating disorders don’t mix well. If you suffer from Bulimia, Anorexia or Binging, you need to be frank with your Doctor; he is not a mind reader. Anorexia can sometimes be easily spotted, but Bulimia and Binging are harder to discern. These disorders can seriously affect fertility and will need to be addressed before conception takes place.

The Food You Eat

While bad nutrition won’t put a stop to pregnancy, a diet packed with preservatives and junk food is definitely a hindrance to getting pregnant. Additionally if you eat foods loaded with additives and top it off with diet sodas you have a menu for problems with fertility.

Environmental Issues

Sperm counts have plummeted by half in the last fifty years. Reasons include pesticides and chemical from ordinary plastics. Research has shown that pesticides, plastics and other environmental pollutants can attach to estrogen receptors in the bodies of both male and females and depress fertility.

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Peggy is a business woman, mother and grandmother who has had a lifelong interest in parenting and parenting issues. She has studied and researched these concerns and those issues that involve parenting and creating and nurturing a family for over 39 years.