Eating regular meals that include nutritious foods is essential part of maintaining good health and preventing disease today and well into later years. A regular fitness program that includes 20 minutes of exercise at least for times a week is beneficial for not only the body but also for the mind.

Such habits of eating well and of regular exercise must be an important part of your daily lifestyle. The benefits of a healthy mind and a healthy body cannot be over emphasized in the cure of premature ejaculation. Another extremely important lifestyle for your well being is not to smoke and drink alcohol in moderation.

Breathing and oxygenating the body is of course imperative to your survival. The amount of oxygen you take in can greatly improve your mental capabilities as well as your physical capabilities, giving you more energy and making you more alert.

Clear your mind of all thoughts, work, relationship problems, daily activities etc. Inhale through your nose as deeply as you can, filling your lungs to their maximum capacity. Hold for a few seconds. Slowly exhale through your mouth taking a couple of seconds to let all the air out. Perform these breathing exercises for 20 minutes a day.

Sexual organs
Vital to your sexual health are your sexual organs, particularly your prostate. Prostate illness and cancer are commonly found in men of 50 and above. A physical examination should include an examination of the prostate in order to check for problems.

Mental imagery and visualization
Focusing on and visualizing an important event has been proven to be a successful technique for people who have wanted to achieve goal. For example, some people have visualized themselves in an interview for a job that they have really wanted.

Using mental imagery and visualization, they have successfully overcome their nervousness and fears. In many cases they have gotten the job. Similarly, mental imagery and visualization can help overcome your fears of ejaculating prematurely and impotence.

The biggest reason you suffer from premature ejaculation is that your body and mind cannot handle the sudden and extreme level of sexual excitement and intensity that your emotions generate within you.

When your level of sexual desire goes up then your level of sexual excitement rises, it acts like an automatic trigger in your testicles and make you to ejaculate. It is an involuntary reflex. Your body is hardwired to do it.

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