Lifestyle fitness is a very important part of every human being. We all want to live long. We also expect a lifestyle with fitness. But most people don’t know, How to live 100 years? Some of the people know but they don’t follow the rules.

Success is nothing but to follow some rules regularly. Similarly, if we want to live long with lifestyle fitness, we have to follow some rules continuously. We should know how to become fit and healthy. I will discuss some simple works that ensure you live for 100 years.

How to Live for 100 years – Best 3 Secrets:

Three works that can ensure you living 100 years with lifestyle fitness. They are:
1. Nutrition and diet
2. Physical exercise
3. Brain fitness

Nutrition and diet:

We are what we eat. Man is the only living organism who eats without appetite and drink without thirsty. We should select food that will keep ourselves living longer. We can get help from a nutritional consultant. We should follow healthy meal plans continuously.

I follow CFVF rules.
C for Chicken
F for Fish
V for vegetables
F for Fruits

These items are good for me. I prefer these items. So we all can make a personal rule for our own. We six essential nutrients regularly to keep ourselves fit and healthy. They are Protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Every day we need all kinds of nutrients. The important thing is that from which source we collect the nutrients.

We can collect protein from a plant source. Excess carbohydrate turns into fats. So we should not take more carbohydrate. Sweet fruits are a good source of carbohydrates. Mushroom has 70% protein. So to maintain nutrition and diet regularly we should follow healthy meal plans and that can help us to live long.

Physical exercise:

We should make a habit of doing daily exercise. It is a good habit. According to WHO, Everybody should do physical exercise or activities at least 30 minutes daily to keep them fit and healthy. Our body is like a machine. Every machine needs to be serviced regularly to get better performance. Exercise is like servicing of our body. So we should maintain daily exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

In our body, we have 100 trillion cells. Exercise helps to reach the food nutrient to every cell. So if we do regular exercise our cells become active and fresh. So daily exercise is good work for living for 100 years.

Brain fitness:

We should keep our mental peace for lifestyle fitness. It is also important for a long living time. Tension and fear play a negative role in our mental fitness. So we must learn how to overcome tension and fear. Tension and fear can cause metabolic diseases like heart attack and stroke.

I use a technique when tension and fear come to me. When a bad situation happens in my life, first of all, I accept them and say to myself it's okay, it's part of life. This simple technique makes a big help to handle every bad situation.


Lifestyle fitness is an art of life. If we follow the techniques mentioned above, I believe we all can become healthy and tension free. Thus, we can make ourselves prepared for living a long time with lifestyle fitness.

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Jeanne Skow is the owner of Emonsoon Inc. Jeanne gets small businesses online for the first time and teaches them how to keep growing with or without his help.

Jeanne's services and online training methods have resulted in millions of dollars in sales for small businesses. Her objective is to get small fitness businesses online and making money using his Online Brand Development Packages.