It’s NOT Dieting, It’s Lifestyle That Cures Obesity:
Did you know it’s nearly impossible to become obese on The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo way of nutrition can transform childhood and teen obesity! Keep reading and you’ll learn why and how…

I will be interviewing Loren Cordain Ph.D., author of The Paleo Diet, about his amazing nutrition plan. It’s far better than any diet, in fact, I would disagree that it’s a diet at all. It’s a way of life, a way of feeding your body the nutrition it needs without having to count calories, watch what you eat and hope it works.

While most people are looking for quick fixes, fast diets and an answer to their prayers; what they really need is a change in lifestyle so they don’t have to worry about their weight, health and body shape.

What kids and adults are really looking for is a way to feed the body, live longer, live happier and NOT have to deal with body and health issues. Following is how powerful Paleo is, and how much I believe in it.

The Paleo Diet, otherwise known as The Paleolithic Diet, has been around for thousands of years.

Most people think they become fat from eating fat. In fact it’s the non-nutritious, fake ingredient and sugar-laden foods found in most kids breakfast foods and lunches and snacks that cause obesity.

Overweight kids must EAT. They need real nutrition, NOT fake foods.

You’ll get to hear all about it in my exclusive interview with Dr. Cordain.

I want to share with you some of the most important benefits so you can begin to see that dieting, restricting foods and counting calories is no fun, not sustainable and frankly just doesn’t work for life. Food is for nutrition — but due to a lack of emotional fitness it’s become a drug.

Food has become the most overused drug and the most underused form of nutrition.
The Paleo way of feeding the body is healthy, it works and the benefits are endless.

It’s a natural way of eating and the body is designed for it — NOT all bodies, but most. Some people either dislike meat or fish, or their bodies don’t like it; that’s fine. But the more connected we are to our nutritional ROOTS the more healthy we become.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet:

Lose weight without exercising

Improves asthma

Reduces acne

Improve intestinal problems, cholesterol and diabetes

It feed the body the nutrition it needs

It improves arthritis and the immune system

Quicker healing recovery time from injuries

It’s delicious, easy and you don’t have to COUNT calories.
Besides, who can or wants to count calories and watch their DIET for life? No one! It’s just not sustainable; it’s a plan for failure. NO ONE can stay on a DIET forever — and you know what happens when you come off a diet, don’t you? The weight comes back and people eventually give up on dieting all together.

What can you eat on the Paleo diet?

You can to eat what the body is designed to eat — real, nutritious foods:

Lean meats and chicken
Fresh fish
Variety of nuts

And of course, as long as you follow through, you can have sugar and sweets. Just remember my 80/20 rule: as long as you eat healthy nutritious foods 80% of time, you have eat what you want the other 20% of the time.

You can see the Expert Interview with Dr. Loren Cordain @ Every Child Healthy home page.

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Coach Carl Logrecco, ECH Founder and CEO, has coached, advised and counseled hundreds of doctors all throughout the U.S. , Canada and Australia in patient care, communications, inspiring patients and running a family-care office environment. Having been a personal and professional trainer and speaker for 11 years, he has now dedicated his life to our younger generation in building champions for life.