I’m lifting in love with you

Will you lift in love with me?
Sharing a love that is sacred
Living a life that is free?

I’m lifting in love with you
As I lift in love in me
There’s nothing you must do
There’s nothing you must be.

For I see the you, you are
And the me you see in me
Is the truest we by far
Through all eternity.

I’m lifting in love with you
For this love’s too high to fall
Will you lift in love with me?
Will you share with me your all?

I’m lifting in love with you
Will you soar by my side?
Will you share your deepest self?
With nothing you must hide?

I’m lifting in love with you
For you lift in love as well
Will you laugh and play with me?
While in God’s Heart we dwell.

©1999 Dr. Connie Stomper

Action Step:
How is “Lifting in Love” different than “falling in love” to you? What can you do to lift yourself and your partner?

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Connie Stomper earned a masters degree and doctorate in education and psychology from Columbia University in New York.
An ordained minister for over 20 years, she graduated from Peace Theological Seminary in Los Angeles with a masters and doctoral degree in Spiritual Science. The research on self and others that Connie did in this extraordinary program became the basis of the workshops, counseling and writings described on the Soul Musings site.

Her commitment to peace on the planet has taken her on journeys to nearly 30 countries around the world, traveling with fellow ministers focusing on individual and world peace. This interest in peace on the planet has motivated her involvement with organizations such as The Institute for Individual and World Peace and The Community Planet Foundation whose training in consciousness of Community and consensus decision-making she co-created.

Dr, Stomper has been a consultant, trainer, college teacher, and curriculum developer in a variety of organizational and academic settings. She has created trainings in areas such as team building, customer service, listening skills, problem solving, and is certified in the Meyers-Briggs personality profile and in dispute resolution.

Based on working with her own health issues, Connie has studied many forms of alternative medicine and counsels in the spiritual opportunities in dealing with health challenges. Having done care-taking with her mother for several years and having experienced a joyful shared death experience when her mom passed into spirit, Connie's counseling counseling and writing also addresses care-taking and end of life process.