One of the enduring images of children going to school in India is the huge enormous school bags strapped on to their tiny backs. Indian schools are high-pressure institutions. Schools have a packed curriculum with academic and non-academic activities.

According to health experts, over 60% of schoolchildren in India have suffered back and neck pain and slouched postures.

Children have bones are soft till they are 18 and the spine is not firm enough to carry heavy weights on their backs and shoulder. Children often carry their bags on one shoulder leading to muscle strain, muscle spasm, and back pain.

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Why are school bags heavy?

According to a survey, an Indian school child in the age group of 7-13 carried over 45% of their weight on their backs. This included lunch boxes, water bottles, sports kits, and art kits. Children complained of being forced to carry all their books every day. A child in this age bracket carried over 21 books a day. The weight of the school bag weighed anything between 4 to 10 kg. Children especially rural school children walk for kilometers with their heavy school bags.

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Effects of heavy school bags

A study carried by Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry, India showed 68% of pre-teen children suffer from mild back pain this may later develop into chronic back pain and slouched shoulders. An overloaded or incorrectly worn schoolbag causes the child to lean too far forward, distorting the natural curvature of the spine, rolling their shoulders and causing more rounded backs. Children who carry their bags on one shoulder, might have an uneven gait and suffer from neck pain.

Studies found 42% of students in Maharashtra complained of shoulder discomfort while 23.9% complained of neck pain. While 68% of children complained about back pain.

Doctors are worried children are at higher risk of early spondylitis and have severe back pain. There are also risks of chronic back pain and spinal damage. Heavy school bags are also mentally draining and children feel tired all the time.

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Symptoms parents need to be careful about.

Signs parents need to lookout for:-

Watching your child’s posture discomfort sitting
Tiredness in the shoulder or upper back
Constant neck pain or shoulders.
Parents need to consult the best doctors near me if the pain persists for more than 4 weeks.

The Central government has issued limits for bag weight class wise

Class Bag Weight
1 to 2 1.5 kg
3 to 5 2 to 3 kg
6 to 7 4 kg
7 to 9 4.5 kg
10 5 kg
The government also recommends no homework should be given to children below class 2. School can gradually increase homework as the child grows older. Most state governments have issued similar guidelines to schools. Officials carry out random checks to see if schools are complying with the norms laid out.

Parents can help by choosing ergonomically efficient school bags, with the strap resting in the middle of the shoulder and backpack proportional to the child’s frame. Pack the bag as per the schedule of the day.. It is advisable to put the heavier books in the back and distribute the weight evenly. Children can carry their tiffin and water bottles in a different bag.

We need to teach our children to carry their schoolbags correctly. Using both straps will ensure even weight distribution. Adjusted backpack strap fits the child’s back. A dangling backpack can lead to complications such as spinal misalignment and pain.

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