The most popular festival of Hinduism, Diwali, brings the lights and joy in the lives of the devotees. So clean-up your homes, streets, offices and places as the event is soon to be there with all of its blessings and delight. The festival is all about the lights in any form like Diya, lamps, candles, fairy lights and fireworks.

The illuminations of the Diwali symbolizes the triumph of light over dark. It usually consist on the five days of celebrations after the twenty days of the closing of the Navratri. The Diwali stuff is in the market right after the Dussehra where you can choose the colourful lights and lighting stuff for your home and outside.

The Illuminations

It starts with cleaning up the places thoroughly and them lightening them up with the lamps, candles, electric lights and other ways to make it look illuminated for Diwali. Every building, small and big homes, offices, streets, and temples are decorated with different kinds of lights. They give a beautiful view when glow up in the dark.

The fireworks

Although the trend of the fireworks is decreasing with the passage of time due to the increased air pollution in India. Now the crackers and bombs have been replaced with the paper crackers and other stuff that is a bit noisy but does not cause air pollution.

The Getup

People wear neat and clean and usually new clothes for the festivals. The idea is to adorn them with the finest wear they have and have a traditional or cultural appearance.


Rangoli is the colourful big flowers made with colourful powder. Usually the female member of the family made this rangoli on the floor. The mandatory place to make the rangoli is at the front door of the house and it is further decorated with the candles and diyas around it that also prevent it from destruction while passing by. To give an additional touch to the rangoli the rose petals are used to enhance the beauty and make it aromatic.

Lakshmi Puja

It is the essential element of the Diwali to arrange the Lakshami Puja at home and at the temples. It is devotion to the Lakshami Devi with special worship pattern. The devotes make sweets and take them to the Goddess to take her blessings for their homes that is famous for giving money, prosperity and richness for the family and the home.

The Sweets and Gifts

Diwali is the ultimate source of pleasure and enjoyment for the kids and teens as it has a lot of sweets and happy diwali gifts for whatsapp that are shared in the family feasts. People get-together and celebrate the events with the family and friends where they share the moments of happiness and fun.

Bhai Dooj; the last day of Diwali

The celebrations of the festival end on the Bhai Dooj in some areas that is the day dedicated to the lovely bond between the brother and the sister. They give gifts to each other and celebrate it in special way doing something exceptional for their siblings.

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