"The only thing we have to fear,is fear itself." --Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our planet is going through changes (we’re up to our knees in the Shift, and there is so much fear surrounding 2012, much of it unfounded), we are still dealing with terrorist activities, and our economy is still in bad shape. All around us friends and loved ones have had their pay cut, lost their jobs and maybe even their homes and cars-and many Lightworkers have too. Lightworkers, we are living in scary and challenging times, there's no doubt about it, but these are the times and the challenges that we signed up for!

All who are currently incarnated asked to be here during these crazy times. We're not here now by accident. And when it comes to Lightworkers, well… Lightworker’s volunteer (although some are drafted!) to be born together at precisely at the right time in order to wake up and be in position when needed. Remember the first big influx of Lightworkers during our recent history? It was the "Flower Children" of the 60's! They were followed by the Baby Boomers, then the Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows, each bringing an evolved energy and awareness to the planet--and there are more generations of Lightworkers on the way. Why so many different groups of Lightworkers here now at the same time? Because this planet is going to make universal history-our entire planet, along with its inhabitants, will shift together-we're in the throes of it as you read this.

Human Beings are evolving together into something more than we have ever been before, and the Earth is evolving as well, so that the vibrational level of the planet and the new frequency level of human beings remains in sync with one another. It's a thrilling time to be in body and watch such exciting changes happening all around us. But these changes can be scary, too, because many of the things that we are used to and familiar with must change--without such changes we can't evolve.

Things are changing quickly for everyone on our beautiful planet, and things are changing much more quickly for Lightworkers than for anyone else. Why? Because Lightworkers are always on the front lines during times such as these-and it has always been this way. Lightworkers thrive on overcoming adversity and paving the way for great change, great progress--why else would we continually sign up for this kind of work incarnation after incarnation!?!

For all presently incarnated, and especially for Lightworkers, the time is NOW (and yesterday!) to wake up and follow "that little voice within"--because that voice is what will guide you to where you need to be, and to what you are here to do, to facilitate our progress here on Earth during this Shift, and help the human race evolve. There are many roles to play; and for the Shift, jobs that many may deem “too simple” to be meaningful may well be the most important jobs to be done! So don't be disappointed if the "little voice within" guides you to simply bring in and hold the light in certain places of the globe, or asks you to send more positive vibrations out to those around you at work and at home by being nicer and smiling more.

Many Lightworkers are already awake and many are currently waking up. Some are moving forward and some are stagnant because they are afraid of the changes taking place around us. It's much more challenging for us to get our bearings once we're on this side of the veil striving to wake up because we are dealing with everyday life. It's so much easier for us to know what to do when we're sitting at the planning table getting ready to pop into our new bodies. That's because we're 100% awake then and we understand the big picture. Also, when we're on this side of the veil, we have to deal with something we don't have to face on the other side--an extremely strong negative force that we call Fear.

Fear gets in our way, and even the most experienced and decorated of Lightworkers has trouble facing the astonishing amount of fear that exists here and is put out into the atmosphere every day of our lives. And that brings us to the purpose of this article, some advice for all who are currently incarnated on how to overcome fear so we can move past it and "get r done" as Larry the Cable Guy so eloquently puts it!

Let's start by recognizing fear for what it is--a negative force that exists on this planet, and one that we can extinguish like a campfire at scout camp, IF we choose to. Dealing with our fears or not dealing with them-it's a conscious choice that we make, and making the decision to face our fears is a massive step forward when it comes to taking control of our lives and expediting our spiritual growth.
One of the reasons that fear is able to take hold of us the way it does is because the majority of us try to avoid it, instead of facing it head on. You already know that the universe gives us whatever it is we focus on, so it's no surprise that we must train ourselves to focus on the things we truly want, not what we don't want.
Now comes the tricky part: By trying to avoid what we fear, we spend a lot of time thinking about what we fear, and that's how we get ourselves into trouble. Thinking and talking about things is how we communicate with the Universe, and whatever we dwell on, the Universe interprets as a message that this is what we want in our lives. And the Universe is going to give it to us! This is why we have to be careful about what we put out to the universe: for example, we could say that we don't want to be out of a job, and then think about nothing else BUT being out of a job, and what do you think the universe will make happen for us? We'll be filing for unemployment insurance in no time because that's what the Universe thinks we want.

I've said many times in articles and workshops that my guide group wants us to know that our thoughts and words are becoming more and more powerful every day. What we focus on is what we get-what we focus on is what we draw to ourselves. We can say one thing out loud but really think the out loud, but really think the opposite and guess what we will get? Whatver we focus on, that's what! Human beings ARE THAT POWERFUL!

Facing our fears makes us more powerful and more in control of our own lives. To develop this skill, start by defining exactly what it is that you're afraid of--you have to know what it is, in order to counteract or neutralize it. Once you know exactly what it is that you're afraid of, recognize it, and let it go. Stop dwelling on it. If you have trouble letting it go, meditate on how to neutralize your fear and listen to that little voice within. That little voice is your higher self--the part of us that's not incarnated--the part of us that can still see the big picture and purpose for this incarnation. That little voice is therefore in the cat bird seat when it comes to giving us guidance.

A final piece of advice: There are support groups for everything these days, and I love them, but please don't allow yourself to become bogged down talking to others who revel in their fear(s). For some, they've been afraid for so long that their fear is now familiar and comfortable to them, and they aren't really interested in making changes--they just like to talk about and dwell on what they're afraid of. Fear is like the common cold-if we're not careful, we can easily pick up someone else's fears, internalize them, be stuck with them ourselves, AND pass them on to others. And please keep in mind that no one can face your fears for you, it's something you have to do for yourself.

Remember, part of waking up is taking responsibility for moving your life forward, and taking action to move your life forward has the great side benefit of accelerating spiritual growth! The bottom line when it comes to fear: face it, neutralize it, and move on.

Author's Bio: 

With her book, "Windows of Opportunity," Sherri Cortland is now officially out of the "New Age Closet" and announcing to the world that not only does she believe in such things as reincarnation, Karma, and life after death, but she channel information about these subjects (and more!) from her guides on the other side of the veil.

Dr. Cortland has been in the business world since she was 15 years old, starting with McDonalds during high school, and working her way up the corporate ladder from secretary to Director of Specialty Sales. While working full-time, she took college classes at night and earned traditional degrees in English and Communications. After years of dealing with the same health complaints, she wanted to find out what was causing them instead of continually just treating the symptoms, which led her to study herbology and naturopathy. She has studied Herbology with Rosemary Gladstar and earned her ND degree from the Clayton College of Natural Health.

Sherri has always had an unquenchable thirst for all things metaphysical and as a child, she frequently raided her Mother's bookshelf for any and all books about reincarnation, Karma, numerology, and "life after death." A friend introduced her to Shirley Maclaine's "Out on a Limb" when it first came out, and that was it, she was off on her own personal search for the truth! Sherri also attended psychic development classes during the 1980's, and it was during one of those classes that she first began to channel through automatic writing.

In 2003, her Guide Group began dictating information for her book, “Windows of Opportunity,” from Ozark Mountain Publishing. Sherri is currently working on her second book, “Raising Your Vibrations for the New Age.”

Sherri lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Ted Dylewski, her niece, Lauren Ihburg, and their many cats, and be reached through her website, www.SherriCortland.com.