We all know the famous story of Thomas Edison who kept trying and trying to invent the lamp even though everybody was against him until he succeeded.
The story of Thomas Edison is no different than the story of any other successful person. In the beginning he finds something that he believes in then he starts doing his best to make it true.
As soon as this happens, jealous people, negative people and others who put him down appear in the picture.
At this point If the person believed any of them he is very likely to stop trying and give up his dream while if he kept going forward then certainly he will reach his goal and prove them all wrong.
I was telling a friend of mine about such facts then she replied saying “people criticize me and tell me I am wrong because they are different not because they are wrong”
At this point I replied saying, if you believed that people are right then you are giving up on your dream while if you believed that people are wrong then certainly you will prove them wrong one day just like Thomas Edison did.
Limiting beliefs and success in life
If I was asked to point out the most common factor that prevents people from succeeding I would say that it’s the presence of false beliefs.
My friend confused a real fact, that people are different, with another false idea which states that people are always right while usually most people who try to put you down are wrong.
When people put you down ask yourself the following questions:
1) Are they very successful?
2) Are they very wealthy
3) Are they really happy?
4) Are they satisfied with their lives completely?
Usually you will find that all the answers are no.
So if that’s the case then know that following people who ended up that way will only let you end up like them! Most people are not successful, unhappy and not satisfied with their lives. Does it make any sense to follow them or even to believe in them?
Believe in yourself in order to succeed
You will never be able to succeed before you believe in yourself
And you will never be able to believe in yourself before you:
1) Get rid of all the false beliefs you have about success
2) Understand that most people who reject you are not Gods but they are normal human beings who might be jealous, uneducated or even scared to take the path you took
Success in life can only happen when you truly believe that you will succeed one day
Believe those who reject you and you will end up being like them, Go against them and you will prove them all wrong one day
Just remember how Thomas Edison had the last laugh because he believed in himself

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