How Can I change a belief that I don’t want? How do I de-activate a belief that has become part of a long-lasting pattern?

The answer is, don’t bother. What? Don’t bother you say. Yes that’s right. Let’s talk about what happens when you begin to dissect a belief.

Perhaps you wonder why you have a particular belief, and begin to analyze it to find out what’s behind it. Maybe there is something wrong with you, you might be thinking. You used the law of attraction, so why didn’t you get what you asked for? Is this persistent belief keeping you prisoner?

Let’s take an example. The beliefs: I’ll never have a great relationship. It’s just too hard to find the right love partner. Maybe I should move, and then I’ll find my true partner. Of course there is the possibility that I just don’t deserve the right partner, and I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.

The self-analysis: Why do I believe this? Maybe my Dad was too tough on me. Maybe my parents’ divorce caused me to mistrust lasting relationships. There was my previous relationship when my partner cheated on me.

Does any of this sound familiar to some of you? It is not uncommon for single people to go through these tormented thoughts and feelings during a relationship transition.

Now, let’s look at the law of attraction. From a purely scientific viewpoint everything is energy. Remember that the law of attraction is a natural law of cause and effect. It is based on energy attraction and, like the Law of Gravity, is always working- whether you are aware of it or not. Whatever you focus on often, you attract. Whatever you feel deeply about causes you to attract corresponding situations and people into your daily life.

When you think about, dissect, and worry about a belief, you are in the process of attracting it! Not only that, but as you think about it, the law of attraction brings additional similar thoughts to your mind. Have you ever had the experience of waking up in the night and thinking thoughts that are filled with worry and anxiety? And those thoughts seem to grow and to multiply? That is the law of attraction.

Many of us who have moved along the path of self-growth have participated in “clearing processes.” A few years ago, I was experiencing severe vertigo. I tried all sorts of clearing and healing processes. I went to numerous doctors to figure out what was going on. I read articles and books about dizziness and vertigo and the potential causes.

I did finally receive proper medical help through a Chiropractor-Neurologist. I began to focus on good health every day. I consciously chose to trust in a healthy body full of vitality, as opposed to paying attention to everything that went wrong. My health has consequently improved tremendously.

Was it easy to arrive at that point? No. It took effort and persistence. However, the benefits FAR outweigh the consequences of holding on to a negative belief, such as feeling fearful and ill.

When you center only on beliefs that are serving you, then you are moving in the right direction. You are beginning to attract what you truly desire. With time your alignment will change. That limitation will also change. You will feel less resistance and more ease.

When a limiting belief comes up, you can shift to a better one. First you will need to be aware of your thoughts and how you are feeling. Let’s say that you are thinking about how lonely you are. You feel sad and depressed. Allow yourself to experience these feelings. Then let them go by choosing to shift to the next best feeling. Perhaps it is anger-then frustration-then hope-then expectation. Go to the best feeling that you can at the moment, because you cannot go from loneliness and despair, for example, to joy in one step.

By using this process you are not ignoring your feelings, whatever they may be. You are simply choosing a better feeling. And in this way, you are aligning your energy and attracting more of what you want. As this becomes your new habit, you won’t even remember that you held the old beliefs. You will feel relief that you dropped the analysis/paralysis.

You will be in the flow and attracting your intentions. As you focus on your desired intentions and get excited about what you want to create, you’ll attract even more inspiring thoughts and even better feelings. You can center on your desire as often as you like, just don’t be too attached to the outcome.

Allow the Universe to respond. Some things take time. All too often we become impatient and think that the Universe is not responding. By remaining in the flow as circumstances arise, pay attention to opportunities and people that appear in your daily existence. Follow up with action, and soon you will be creating what you have envisioned-and much more! You won’t have to struggle so hard, as the Universal Energy will draw situations and helpful people into your life.

The best example of being in the flow was discussed during an Abraham-Hicks seminar. Esther Hicks was taking about how important it is, in our society, that everyone is struggling to get to where they want to go, and it is like trying to swim upstream. The more you swim upstream, the more you are applauded and the more awards you receive. The more you swim upstream, the more exhausted you become, but surely you will arrive at some point.

If you just let go and go with the flow of the river, so to speak, you enjoy the ride and arrive at your destination with ease. The energy of the river is so powerful that it carries you along.

That is what Allowing and going with the flow is all about. Doesn’t it sound like more fun than struggling to go upstream against the current?

By developing the habit of paying attention ONLY to what you desire, and allowing it to manifest, you will be creating, creating, creating! You will notice that your new intentions amplify positive feelings, such as love, joy, peace, abundance, purpose and vitality.

Often, by simply taking time each day to consciously bring these feelings within, you will understand that high vibrational feelings are the true benchmark of attracting the life you love. Your Emotional Guidance system tells you what you are attracting at any given moment. Are you are drawing situations based upon worry, frustration or anger? Or do your daily life events reflect the love, joy, service, adventure and creativity taht you feel. The beauty is that you can decide what you want to choose.

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Marcie Hunt is a Power Your Life Coach. For fifteen years, Marcie has guided people to master the law of attraction, the Power of Intention, the Art of Allowing and other effective tools, to create financial prosperity and well-being.
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