I always say, and truly believe that “anything is possible, as long as your desire is compelling and you believe it can happen.” When I think of possibilities I see a huge expanse of limitless experiences and opportunities in front of me. People and places yet to discover, things yet to try, potential yet to reach. Beyond what my eyes can see and often beyond what my mind can even imagine. It’s almost like a playground of excitement and aliveness that surrounds me, constantly expanding and welcoming me.

What is your vision of possibility?

Possibilities could be specific and tangible - something right in front of you waiting for your acknowledgement and embrace – perhaps a new career opportunity or business venture that fits your “big picture” goals. Possibilities could also be impressions or ideas of what “might be” that are waiting to be discovered. For example, I believe my art will play a role in my business, though I am not sure how that will look yet. There are also possibilities in every moment – the possibility of being present, being joyful and being alive.

What possibilities are right in front of you? Which will you embrace?
What possibilities might be in your future? Are you ready to walk toward them?

Since possibilities are always on my mind, I jumped at the chance to have two Possibilities Parties in my home when I learned that my good friend Adele Michal of In Your Success Zone was hosting them. Possibilities parties are gatherings of creative entrepreneurs who are seeking new ways to expand and grow, using their intuition and creativity. What I loved most was being with friends, hearing their stories and ideas of what they wanted for their businesses and lives. This opened up new possibilities in me – in fact, upon exclaiming that one new possibility I wanted to experience was a weekend retreat at the beach with time for introspection, quiet walks, exercise and fun – it immediately manifested when one of my friends at the party said “I have just the thing”! A few weeks later that possibility came true. The Possibility Parties showed me a new way of tapping into my intuition, to trust and listen to it – something I have begun to do with my art.

How often do you listen to your intuition and creative side when thinking about what is possible for you to experience and achieve?

Possibilities play an important role in taking us out of our comfort zones, especially since they often fall in the realm of the unknown and tap into our greater potential. To fully embrace possibilities we have to let go of the “need to know” all the details and all the steps along the way. We have to be open to letting things unfold in their due time, to having patience and trust that they will.

What possibilities have taken you out of your comfort zone? How far do you want to go?

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Stefanie Zizzo is a career/life coach, author and speaker who works with people from all over the world who are forging their own path and seeking to achieve their “best fit” career and life. She offers one-on-one coaching, live seminars and is the author of The Journey From Comfort to Possibility: A Workbook of Self Discovery and Personal Transformation. Visit www.stefaniezizzo.com, click Join Now to sign up for her monthly e-newsletter and get a sample of Chapter One as a free gift.