Lingering Anxiety after Panic Attack: What to Do If I Have a Panic Attack

In general, anxiety is considered to encompass our thoughts, physical changes, emotions and behavior. Worry, on the other hand, is considered to be the 'thinking' part of anxiety.

You may already have noticed that, when you are anxious, you think in a very different way from when you are relaxed. Things that might not normally worry you can build to enormous proportions and you could find yourself thinking that everything is about to go wrong and that you won't be able to cope wit it! Worry tends to make us think in extreme ways, and when we worry we believe that:

- Things are going to go wrong
- When they do they will go horribly wrong!
-Not only that, but when things go horribly wrong, you won't be able to cope.

The unfortunate thing about this way of thinking is that it only makes anxiety worse. When people worry in this way they find themselves caught in that vicious cycle. The more they worry, the more anxious you may feel. The more anxious you feel, the more you worry.

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The Worst Part Is:

Some people actually end up worrying about worrying. These people tend to believe that worrying is deeply negative. They may worry that their worrying is out of control, thinking, for example that:

- They can't stop worrying
- Their thoughts are going to take over and control them
- Worrying is harmful
- They will go crazy with all this worrying
- If they keep worrying, they will have a breakdown
- If they keep worrying, they will have a heart attack

The Cycle Of Worrying Continues...

If you experience such thoughts or are afraid that your worrying is out of control then you are almost inevitably going to worry even more, thereby trapping yourself within that vicious circle. The thing to remember is that, like most worries, these thoughts are exaggerated and not based upon reality.

Answer These Questions If You Suspect Anxiety

Emotional Questions:
- Do I often feel anxious or nervous?
- Do I often feel that I cannot cope?
- Do I often feel that my worries are out of control?
- Do I often feel that I may go crazy with my worries?
- Do I often feel that my worries are taking over my life?

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Physical Questions
- Do I experience some or all of these symptoms:
- Racing heart
- Shortness of breath
- Dizziness or light-headedness
- Churning or tight stomach
- Trembling/shaking
- Dry mouth

Mental Questions
- Is worrying a problem for me?
- Do my worries only lead to more worry and anxiety?
- Do I worry about everything and anything?
- Do I think that it is not normal to worry?

Behavioral Questions
- Do I avoid doing particular things or putting myself in particular situations because they make me feel anxious?
- If I start to feel anxious in a particular situation, do I try to escape from it as fast as possible?
- Do I avoid doing things alone because I feel more comfortable when somebody else is with me?
- Do I use certain behaviors to diminish or to disguise my anxiety?

The more questions you believe are true, the more likely it is that you are caught in a cycle of anxiety and worry. Now take a look back and see if you are suffering more from behavioral, emotional, mental or physical symptoms. This will give you a good idea of what direction you need to look to find relief.

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There are times when it feels like our nerves are getting the best of us. Sometimes, it seems like life is absolutely overwhelming. Many of us are battling anxiety because of something that has happened to us recently or something we are currently going through in our lives. Others of us could be suffering anxiety disorder.

Maybe it isn't the nervousness itself we are trying to defeat, sometimes it our need to control high blood pressure. Whatever the reason, it is a great benefit to be able to calm down when we need to. This article will give you 4 ways to quell an onslaught of bad nerves and get you back on the track to tranquility.

Progressive Relaxation

Progressive relaxation involves going to a quiet place and laying down or at least reclining. So, it is probably an inappropriate exercise to be doing in the middle of the work day. However, if you have been practicing progressive relaxation, you have a great weapon to fight off an attack of nervousness.

If you do practice progressive relaxation, when you are in the peak relaxed state it has brought you into, you should take note of exactly how loose your body parts feel. You should also take note of your state of mind at that time. With practice, you will be able to recall these sensations at any time during the day if you need to. This technique can work wonders.

If you haven't been practicing progressive relaxation, you can still try to recall sometime when you were feeling very calm. Try to imagine this feeling you had at this relaxed moment. Just think about it, that's all. Don't try to relax. Trying to relax may have the reverse effect.

Deep Breathing

Here's how deep breathing works: take one very deep breath. Breathe in deeply enough so you can feel your lungs expand. Hold it for 5 seconds and breath slowly out. This is a cleansing breath. Take two or three more cleansing breaths.

Next, start to breathe a little less deeply, but still more deeply and slowly than you would normally. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Don't breath so slowly or deeply you get lightheaded, just slow down what is your normal breathing pattern.

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In his great book Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz recommends visualizing the exhale as steam blowing out of the top of your head. I know, it sounds kind of dumb, but it works very well every time I've ever tried it! Every once in a while, explains Dr. Maltz, you just have to blow off some steam.


Speaking of visualization, this technique can be combined with deep breathing and progressive relaxation but works just as well alone. Simply visualize some peaceful scene you found yourself in at some time during your life.

Once again, don't try too hard to recall everything about it and don't actually try to calm down, just turn your attention toward this relaxing scene. For some, it is even more helpful to make one up! That's right, everything that you feel is relaxing to you put into a fake scene and just think about it. this too, might sound far fetched, but it has staved off many a bout with the nerves.

Feeling Examination

If you really get into a stressed condition, maybe even where panic seems to have taken control, turn all your attention to it. Sort of take stock of how everything feels. This is a good way to limit the effects of panic because while doing this you're not running away from anything.

Panic will intensify if you run away from it. So, think about your feelings; you'll find doing so will be very helpful because you are now back in control, not your nerves. Then, start visualizing peaceful scenes and deep breathing and before you know it, you'll be cool as a cucumber as you watch everybody else become frazzled.

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OK let's get one thing straight here, I simply have nothing against therapy for anxiety. BUT, saying that i'll still never be able to get back the THOUSANDS of dollars I spent on anxiety therapy during my 6 year battle with anxiety disorders. But you're reading this article because you want the truth right? You also want to know if there are better alternatives to anxiety therapy that may be cheaper, and work better in helping you through your anxiety naturally (revealed in my next article) correct?


The Truth Is That Anxiety Therapy Is:


Doesn't work most of the time

leaves you in a state of coping

Let's look at the first one:

The cost.

Therapy for anxiety simply costs you an arm and a leg. At an average of $175 per hour (in Canada) the anxiety therapy business is booming. Most therapists I know are all fully booked and can't take in anymore clients. Funny thing is, most clients of the anxiety therapy friends I have are all LONG TERM CLIENTS. Which brings me to my second point which is:

It Doesn't Work Most Of The Time

You heard me right, anxiety therapy doesn't work... most of the time. Isn't that just mind blowing when you think about the amount that people spend to get therapy for anxiety? I've come to the simple conclusion that anxiety therapists also have to treat this as a business, I mean it is their livelihood right? Which brings us to the simple conclusion that MOST anxiety therapists don't want to solve your anxiety issues. Instead, they want to feed you a few crumbs here and there so that you keep coming back. How else can you explain the numbers that keep rising in the world of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and any other form of mental health challenges?

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A State Of Constant Coping With Your Anxiety

Unveiling your past over and over, constantly bringing up the traumatic events that have shaped you to become an anxious wreck, it all just leaves you stuck. The idea of eliminating your anxiety disorder all together and stopping the constant coping cycle, can only be reached when you've terminated the anxious programming you are under. This means that you simply MUST stop engaging in consistent conversations about your anxiety, panic, or whatever mental health challenges you face!

During the years of battle with my panic and anxiety there was one thing that kept me in a constant cycle of anxiety, and that was the simple idea of being too scared to fully recover from an anxiety disorder. Believe it or not, the unknown world of full recovery and getting my life back was so foreign and scary to me, that I subconsciously fought the idea. The first step to recovery from an anxiety disorder begins with understanding that becoming a fully functional person again is not only possible, but can be potentially accomplished in a short amount of time as I found out. Once this belief has been implanted in the roots of your mind, only then should you embark on tools and a proven strategy to stop your anxiety disorder naturally.

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Since I won my own battle with anxiety and panic, I get asked lots of questions about it. One of the things I get asked about a lot is how to prevent panic attacks.

My answer normally depends on the person asking the question, since we're all in different situations. But there are a handful of more general tips I used that seem to work well for everyone, no matter what their situation or circumstances.

And it's one of these "general" tips that I'd like to share with you today.

This tip may not be suitable for you, and it may not even be one you're able to try. But if you're in a position to follow this advice, and you're happy to do so, I think you'll achieve incredible results.

And what is this mysterious tip I'm talking about? Drum roll, please!

Get a pet!

One of the best things I ever did for myself was to get my dog, Millie. She changed my life. I walk her an hour a day. 3 or 4 times a week I run 4 or 5 miles with her. She relaxes me, she makes me laugh at least 30 times a day, and there are more studies than you can shake a stick at that prove that dogs lower blood pressure, stress, and depression.

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And I can vouch for all those studies! That's why I pass this tip along to anyone who wants to know how to prevent panic attacks.

A dog is a big commitment, though. But all pets achieve the same results, albeit on different scales. I've spoken to people with little parakeets, hamsters, and tropical fish who all report the same things: that their pets decrease their anxiety, panic, and depression.

I wanted to share this idea with you, because so many people who want to know how to prevent panic attacks overlook this simple stuff. But sometimes it's the simple stuff that works true wonders.

So if you're in a position to do so, why not consider getting a pet? It could be the best gift you can possibly give yourself and your anxiety.

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