If you want to market online successfully, you have to master a few skills and getting the link building basics down can count as one of them. After all, marketers are pretty much hungry for inbound links because they know how it positively affects other elements like search engine optimization. Getting yourself to that position of having loads of these links is the main challenge here and fortunately, there are plenty of ways to climb up there.

Distributing in Article Directories

If you can write articles, you have a good chance of creating lots of inbound links if you use your skills in coming up with unique content and submitting that content to all sorts of article directories. The main objective here is spreading your work to as many sites as possible. There are plenty of top article directories ranging from EzineArticles to SearchWarp. Don't forget similar article directories like Go Articles. Article directories do not have to be your boundary. If you notice any directories that offer content that is similar to your articles, find ways to get them there as well.

Sharing in Site Directories

Not many people like to discover websites through directories but these directories still exist and their page rankings are normally high because of the immense amount of content. You just need to ride on the back of these sites so you can get more organic traffic. DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory are two common sites that you should be able to post in.

Posting in Forums

There are lots of forums that lean on certain themes as well so you can use those related forums for some quality link building. You just have to set aside some time in finding these forums because it can be a bit challenging. Check the advertising rules so you can make backlinks without violating anything. Most forums should allow links on your signature which is actually ideal because you can be an active contributor in a forum without blatantly advertising. Just let the signature follow you around and people will see it as you become active. It is even better if the forums provide dofollow links because that can boost your search engine ranking.

Commenting in Blogs

Blogs work a lot like forums because you are basically adding a post. Since you won't have any signature options, your best bet is to just make your comment look useful or contain important information that the blog's readers will like. By adding a link afterwards, these readers may click it just because they are curious. You can also try link exchanging by asking the blog owner to feature your link in the blog roll while you do the same.

Making Press Releases

If you have what it takes to make a press release, find some press release directories and get to work because they serve as great places for building links. You can skip this if you do not know how to make something that looks very newsworthy.

Partnering with Other Websites

Link exchanging can be done even if the site isn't a blog. As long as you contact the website owner after you notice that it targets the same audience as your site, you may be able to strike a mutual deal where both sides benefit. Developing this further may give you more options in communicating with a general audience.

For best results, try using all the channels to the best of your ability.

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