One of the best social media tool out there to recruit for your MLM is LinkedIn. Here is a summary of the technique I learned from the "King of LinkedIn" himself, Larry Beacham.

With all marketing techniques, you first have to boil it down to who uses it, and what they are looking for. You can't go on LinkedIn with the idea that you are going to tell everyone how great your business is and they'll all jump on board. You can't try to connect with strangers as they simply click a button to tell LinkedIn that they don't know you.

LinkedIn is a networking page for professionals. So the people who are on LinkedIn are looking to connect with other professionals to grow their business networks, and find people who can assist them in their business or career. As you market you want to think of what type of mindset a LinkedIn user has. They are trying to learn strategies and tip that can actually help them succeed. In all your marketing make sure you position your business and yourself in a way that will appeal to the person on that platform. Keeping that basic principle in mind, here is a great way to start your LinkedIn marketing campaign:

Who are you Being?
LinkedIn is a completely different audience from other social networks. Here people appreciate professionalism, so don't have a family beach photo on your profile, and don't have a big explanation of your wonderful lifestyle. Put up a good professional looking phot of yourself, talk about your experience and your business opportunity in a professional way. You are establishing yourself as someone who can truly assist others in achieving their goals, so discuss your role as a business owner from that aspect. Who can you help? What sets you apart as someone who has their solution? It doesn't have to be stiff and unfriendly, just professional.

What can you Provide?
As always: provide great relevant content! The discussion boards provide a place for people to learn. This strategy is simple: choose a target market and then join any related groups. Write an informative article everyday. Information they can actually take away and apply. Put the article in the discussion board for every group. If you provide good content, it will be perfectly fine to have the same discussion on multiple boards. Add a signature to the bottom of the article with your name, number, and your website so people can come find your.

How are you Connecting?
You need to make sure you don't rush to connect to people in LinkedIn. How you connect is very important. Some people send connection invitations to people they have had no interaction with before. People tend to be careful who they make connections with as those people have access to their email and other personal details. Don't ask for a connection until you have had a conversation or some contact with them. When you receive comments on your discussions then invite those people to connect, and attach a personal note that reminds them that they responded to you. This tactic means that not only will almost everyone accept your connection, but once they do they are more likely to check out your profile, view your websites, and remember you.

But of course, the key is to be consistent. Your online reputation is important and you are branding yourself as a leader. Invest the time and you will create leads that will want to be working with you, that will know you and that you can help them. You need to apply this daily during the working week and you will begin to build a reputation as a leader and someone who delivers over and over again.

Remember in Network Marketing, the leaders always win. Everyone need to follow someone that they know can really help them achieve success. Start building your reputation today and you will be rewarded for the time you put it! The second day I used this strategy I got 10 leads, so it can happen quicker than you think.

This is just the beginning of how you can explode your business with LinkedIn. Educate yourself, start writing your content today, and prepare to create massive success in your network marketing business

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