Linksys Extender Setup

“The Linksys RE1000 wireless extender boosts the wireless signal of any access point/router to provide Internet connectivity in hard-to-reach spots via both - cable connection or wirelessly. ”

WiFi coverage issues are not uncommon among our houses or working places. Depending on the power, the router may not reach all the rooms and to rectify this lack, WiFi extenders are needed. These devices are capable of forwarding the router signal, enhancing its range and making it possible for the coverage to be distributed in all corners.

However, Linksys RE100 is a good option to improve connectivity in our home but we must take into account some tips for Linksys extender setup to get the best performance of this astounding gadget.

To enhance its effectiveness, RE100 should be placed in an area where the wireless router has reached. When you placed it in one of these zones, you get a good signal from the wireless router and, in turn, it amplifies that signal in the area where it would not originally be able to reach. To put it another way, the signals from the wireless router and the extender must overlap to make the extension effective.

Linksys RE100 Installation

The installation of a WiFi repeater is simple. You just have to pair it with the router, for which both devices must be connected by an Ethernet cable. From there the online setup page will guide the user in the process until he can unplug the cable and place the repeater in the desired place.

Manual configuration is another way to configure the extender. In the scenario, when you do not have the installation CD or if you changed the wireless parameters in your router or access point, you can choose the manual configuration.

Needed Assets for the Setup

To ensure proper configuration of the range amplifier, you need to know the wireless parameters of your router or access point. These parameters are:

  • SSID - The name of the wireless network.
  • Wireless channel settings.
  • Setup web address - Linksys
  • Wi-Fi network password and security type – WEP or WPA.
  • Steps for installation

Setup Steps

For the initial installation, it may be necessary to place the amplifier closer to the router. For better performance, locate the extender in a place where the wireless signal of the router or access point is more powerful and reliable. Then execute the steps given below: The RE1000 model only works in 2.4 GHz networks and can not be used in 5 GHz networks.

To not hinder the signal, you can try alternative locations for the router and the amplifier

  • Establish a connection of your computer to RE1000 using an Ethernet cable.
  • Then connect your RE1000 to the electrical outlet (there are two ways to connect). Make sure the LED lights are stable.
  • Start your web browser and enter your default IP address or
  • Note: Only the default IP address of the RE1000 can be used if the amplifier is not yet configured.

  • A warning window will appear asking for username and password. Peruse the gadget manual to know about the gadget's credentials.
  • Then tap on login or Sign In.
  • On the appeared configuration page, tap on Wireless Select the network name (SSID) of your router and click on Connect.
  • In Wireless Security, select the security parameters that match the configuration of your router.
  • Type in your password and then tap Save Settings.
  • The Amplifier now will automatically take the SSID and the IP address of the router, terminating the initial configuration.

Help Tip: For best performance, it is recommended to only use WPA / WPA2 wireless security on your router or wireless extender.

What else to consider:

The RE1000 model only works in 2.4 GHz networks and can not be used in 5 GHz networks. Apart from that, to not hinder the signal, you can try alternative locations for the router and the amplifier else your router will can not connect to Linksys extender. Lastly, avoid placing the router and extender near other electronic equipment that may cause interference such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other nearby wireless routers.

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