Lionel Messi is the world-famous soccer player from Argentina. He also holds Spanish Nationality. He was born in Rosario Argentina on 24th June 1987. Messi is recognized as the most versatile and leading football player of the time. His continuous and stunning performances are acknowledged everywhere. He holds five Ballon d'Or awards. He was declared as the FIFA World Player of the year 2009.

Early Days of Career

Lionel Messi started playing soccer from his young age and demonstrated his exceptional talent on various occasions. His potential was timely observed by Barcelona. So, he was offered the opportunity to play for Barcelona. Hence, he decided to leave Old Newell's Boys' and settled in Europe with his family. Here he started playing for Barcelona. He was facing some complications in the form of growth hormonal insufficiency. Barcelona supported him for the treatment of this growth hormonal insufficiency. This treatment helped Messi to grow to a reasonable height of 5.7 feet or 174 centimeters approx.

Lionel Messi started his formal career during the 2004~2005 season. He scored his first goal on May 01, 2005. The 2006-2007 was his first best season. He secured his slot as a first-team regular after scoring three consecutive scores in El Clásico. During this season Messi participated in 26 games and scored 14 goals. Season 2008-2009 was another good season for Lionel Messi. He scored 38 goals in this season. During 200-2010 season, Messi again scored 47 goals while delivering the same impressive performance in most of the league matches.

Playing for Argentina

Afterward, Messi decided to play for his native country, Argentina. While playing for Argentina in 2005, he headed the team in the final match of U-20 World Cup Vs Nigeria. Because of the excellent performance of Messi, Argentina won this final.

Lionel Messi was honored tremendously because of his historic performance and record goal score. Hence in addition to the Gold Medal, Messi was honored with an exceptional tribute "Golden Shoe". He also got the Golden Ball award for best player.

Lionel Mess has gained immense praise and popularity amongst football lovers because of his memorable match-winning performances. You cannot compare him with any other soccer player, doing so may be a futile exercise. Because, he has outpaced the competition almost in all areas of soccer sport. That's why he has been dominant for many years. But at the age of 33 years, despite having the same strong body, measuring 5.7 feet or 174 centimeters approx which is equal to Inches  68.5038. in height and, Messi is getting a bit slower now. Obviously, the age factor matters a lot, especially when we talk about soccer players. So, like any sportsman, Messi's performance is on the decline if compared with his own past track.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats of Messi

Height:            5.7 feet or 174 centimeters

Weight:           68 Kgs

Waist:             32 Inches

Chest:              40 Inches

Hair Color:      Dark Brown

Few Quick Facts about Lionel Messi

Full Name:      Lionel Andrés Messi

Nick Name:     La Pulga

Profession:      Soccer Player

Age:                 33 Years

Nationality:    Argentine

Birth Place:     Rosario, Argentina

Date of Birth: 24th June, 1987

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