Full, juicy, seductive lips are the dream of every woman on planet Earth. That's a pity that not everyone is born with the appearance of their dream. However, there is a solution to this unpleasant situation - aesthetic medicine.

New procedures appear surprisingly quickly, but doctors' absolute favorite is lip injections. With their help, it is possible to add volume to the lips without surgery. Thanks to the numerous dermal filler suppliers (such as BeautyDermal supplier, UKaesthetics, FillerBeauty, etc.), specialists can order any remedy they need for the treatment and get it the next day.

Still, the number of patients who are not aware of lip injection filler aftercare is shocking. That is why we have prepared this article with some aftercare instructions. Read, learn and enjoy!

What Is Lip Filler Procedure?

Filler injections for lips are also known as lip augmentation. It was designed for those with thin lips who want to make them plumper and fuller. The number of products for this procedure counts dozens of different injectables that can be administered into the lips and skin around the moths. However, the most popular ones are based on hyaluronic acid (a natural substance that produces in the human body and adds volume to the treated areas).

Depending on what type of remedies you have used, fillers last from six months to a year. The treatment is administered with a needle and has minimal side effects if you take good care of the injected area. What are those side effects? Let's find out.

What Are Side Effects of Lip Fillers?

After the cosmetic procedure, the patient may experience such side effects as:

  • Slight bruising;
  • Itching;
  • Bleeding from the injection site;
  • Insignificant pain;
  • Cold sores or blisters in the facial area.

Any of those symptoms can't last for weeks, so if they stay longer than seven days after the actual injection or gain severe form, it is recommended for patients to contact the specialist.

Aftercare Tips

Even though lip injections are non-invasive surgery, it is still surgery and stress for the body. That is why it is vital to have an aftercare routine for the treated area. Here are a few useful tips specialists recommend following after the appointment. With their help, it is possible to reduce swelling after lip augmentation and keep all the unpleasant sensations to the minimum.

Try to reduce swelling

This can be achieved with the help of a healthy diet, vitamins prescribed by the injector, and plenty of water. Also, a sleep schedule will be extremely helpful, as each body demands a nice recharge after the stress.

Postpone flights

Pressure in the airplane can have a negative influence on the zones of injection and cause dehydration and adverse reaction. So postpone all the flights for at least two weeks.

Do it prior to big events

Every injector recommends conducting any filler treatment two-three weeks before the big event (wedding, prom, birthday party, etc.). That is because every patient has an individual reaction to the remedies, and sometimes the healing process can take longer than was expected. If it is the first procedure with filler, it is better to plan it three-four weeks in advance.

Apply ice to the treatment area

Specialists recommend applying an ice pack during those hours you feel itching or any other unpleasant feeling. It also may help with swelling and bruising.

Stay hydrated

The results after lip fillers may take from a few days to a week to appear. Indeed, a slight effect is visible immediately, but it still takes some time to see the full result. And dehydration can affect the final look badly, so patients should drink a lot of plain water.

Sleep on elevated pillows

A sleeping position has a great influence on how fast side effects will go away. Doctors recommend not sleeping on the face for the first twenty-four-hour after the injecting cosmetic treatment. Besides, it is also useful in reducing bruising and swelling as well.

What Not to Do After Lip Filler Treatment?

Of course, if we have "do's," "don'ts" are unavoidable too. Sometimes, patients do not even think that some things they consider normal are actually pretty harmful and should be excluded from their lip filler aftercare. Especially for this category of people, we are writing this paragraph.

Do not visit the gym

Strenuous exercise is something clients should definitely avoid after the lip fillers. The thing is, overheating and sweating during the exercises can cause dehydration. And, as we have already mentioned, it can considerably prolong the healing period. Clients may change it to calm strolls for the next 48 hours after the treatment.

Avoid high temperatures

Forget about the exercise classes, saunas, hot showers, and steam rooms. At least for the next 48 hours after the filler injections. The injected area should be kept cool. Doctors ever recommend soaking a soft fabric in cold water or wrap ice in it and tap lip with it from time to time.

Avoid blood-thinning substances

Some substances may dilate blood vessels and cause swelling, bruising, pain, and other harmful side effects, as well as postpone the results. In order to reduce the chances of that, it is better to avoid alcohol, caffeine, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, vitamin E supplements, Paracetamol, etc. You can ask the injector about a full list, depending on your health peculiarities.

Do not drink through a straw

People always feel sight discomfort after lip dermal fillers. The thing is, after injections, lips become sensitive and swollen. So, if you put pressure on them, it may be uncomfortable or even hurt.

Avoid makeup

It is recommended not to use lip gloss, balm, lipsticks, and other types of makeup after the filler injections treatment. It includes lips and facial areas around them. Lips are extremely sensitive and swollen, and any chemical substance can cause severe allergic reactions. Some specialists say it is possible to take care of them with the help of a gentle cleanser or sterile alcohol wipe, but still, it depends on patients' sensitivity and doctor's prescription.

Do not massage your lips after the treatment

Unnecessary pressure won't have a positive influence on the lip injected with dermal fillers, so it is not a very good idea to massage the area. However, some doctors may instruct their patients and teach them to take care of the lip area and massage it properly.

What Are the Best Fillers for Lips?

Specialists usually choose the lip filler injections depending on the results patients pursue. It is recommended to make an appointment prior to the actual dermal filler treatment in order to discuss all the details.

Usually, doctors injectors choose hyaluronic acid-based lip filler due to its lasting effect, easy application, and visible results after a few hours and last for many, many weeks. Talking about filler brands, Juvederm and Restylane for injecting treatment are at the top.

Final Word

Lip filler aftercare is an essential part of the whole cosmetic lip filler treatment. Even though it is painless, quick, and causes minor discomfort, it is still stressful for the body. That is why patients should do everything they can to speed up the recovery process.

We have tried to gather all the helpful tips in this article to educate people on filler aftercare. Of course, it is necessary to consult with the specialist about the appropriate methods in precisely your case, but you still can mention these methods to him/her. Pursue your dream looks and do not be afraid of cosmetic procedures, they are not scary at all. Good luck!

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