Ah! I wish my eyelashes were a teensy bit thicker” ‘why couldn’t I get my mother’s perfect nose!!!” “God! I literally have no lips whatsoever”- These words are probably not just mine! Looking into the mirror, you mumble them likely often right? These ‘most wanted’ wishes led to such amazing physical procedures as ‘Lip Filling’ or ‘Lip Augmentation’ which is the most common trend of the decade! Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure where dermal fluids are injected in your lips to get them the desired fuller, juicier, plumper look by adding volume to them. It has become a common thing (Like highlighting your hair!) in many countries, especially in the US for the last 4-5 years.

How it works
The most used and the safest type is using the “Hyaluronic Acid” or HA as the dermal filler. It is a bodily sugar found naturally in the living beings, especially in the joints, eyes and the connective tissues to keep them lubricated and well hydrated. When injected into the lips, it works as a pillow against the cells and gives an instant volume, plump look to them. Gradually through repeated sessions, your lips finally settle down with the desired volume. To know details all about lip filler come with us in lip Smiley .

How long they last?
Fillers usually last for 6 months to a year. After that the HA will dissolve away on its own, leaving just the natural shape. You will need to restart the sessions to regain that full pout.

Types and Costs:
As it’s organic, no side effects except for a few skins or health condition triggered problems, comes with HA. Some most used types of HA-based lip fillers are:
1. Restylane products ( N/A: please write the product names properly as-Restylane-L, Juvederm volbella etc.)
2. Juvederm products
3. Belotero Balance
4. Prevelle Silk
5. HylaForm
6. Captique
Collagens, fat injections, etc. were used as lip fillers before. But the side effects and the risk to leave permanently sagged lips made the doctors move on towards something more dependable, hence the popularity of the Hyaluronic Acid based lip fillers.
It costs about 500-2000$ which depends on the number of sessions, choosing the doctor and the region you live in.

Your lips are one of the most amazing features that you have been gifted with. So before go playing with it, sit down and think about it thoroughly, ‘cause true beauty follows naturalness. People often use modifications to bring in more confidence and self-esteem, and it is okay unless it becomes a road breaker in that journey. Not only lip filler effects but you'll know the A to Z about your lips. You could know the take care details from Lip Smiley. It informs you all about your nourishing lips!

Now-now, the HA being a ray of sunshine, comes with The Most Amazing feature, the ability to dissolve them before wear off! With an enzyme called ‘hyaluronidase’ your lips can revert to the original shape if any unexpected situation occurs, and this won’t cause any sagging or natural volume loss.
Once you are all settled with yourself, it’s time to pick the proper physician. A possible blowup awaits you if the fluids are injected with poor, inexperienced hands, causing-
• bloody scars
• infections
• tissue loss, if injected into a blood vessel
• even Lip Ulceration
Make sure you collect everything relevant to know about your doctor, reviews, his previous works on this field, collect before and after photos of the patients. Is he a board member on this field? Do your homework properly! Remember, how your lips will turn out depends a lot on the surgeon’s hand.
• HA fillers are usually harmless and they offer fewer scars on lips. But still allergic reactions (redness, excessive swelling, itching, long-lasting scars and lumps etc.) or lip asymmetry, where the lip shape may not match properly.
The side effects of HA fillers are mostly rare cases. Still take cautions.

Lastly, the doctors may have been an always-a-smiley-face when you go consulting with them, but at the end of the day, it’s your lips, your looks, and your money. So be 100% sure about it before taking the leap.

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