Bedbugs feed by sucking blood of humans, animals and commonly found in various areas of a home and are capable of hiding themselves in the tiniest cracks in furniture or textiles. They are most commonly found in the sleeping areas including mattress covers, bed frames, curtains, carpet edges, and other furniture. Bedbugs are considered dangerous as they bite and suck blood from humans. They are mostly active at nights and can bite any exposed area of the sleeping individual including face, neck, hands, and arms. However, the bite is painless and is not notices yet there is a need for pest control treatment.

Rather than hiring experts, there is some convenient way to do it. It is better to use a product manufactured by companies which helps with pest cleaning. Here is a list of bed bug spray reviews which might help you to easily deal with bedbugs at affordable price and ensure healthy night sleep.

1. Bed Bug Killer By Eco-Defense - All Natural Organic Formula

It is claimed to have a natural formula with geranium oil being the active component. The product promises to kill the bed bugs as soon as they come in contact without leaving any stain or artificial orders. The product is considered to provide with good results by most of the consumers while some claim it just paralyzes the insect and leaves a synthetic chemical smell in the room.

2. Bed Bug Killer Patrol

It is manufactured with extracts from plants of peppermint and clove oils, the coconut extract is considered to be the most active ingredient which makes it non-toxic spray. It kills the bed bugs instantly on contact and can be directly applied on the mattress, covers, cushioned furniture and other surfaces which people come in contact with. According to the consumers it is considered to provide best treatment like no other product.

3. Temprid SC Killer

It is a professional pesticide control spray with two powerful active ingredients. The spray can help kill more than 50 types of pests. However, it is not recommended to spray in areas which people are constantly come in contact with including the mattresses and the cushioned furniture. It is generally used in the joints, edges, corners, floor crack, shelves, and carpets. It is one of the highly rated sprays by consumers because of its instant effect frequency.

4. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer

This spray gets one of the top rankings from consumers because of its overall effectiveness and affordability. The manufacturer’s promise it to be non-toxic, safe as well as eco-friendly. Therefore, it can be directly used on the mattresses, carpets and furniture and can be easily used around pets and kids. It is considered to be effective in all stages of bed bugs, including adults, nymphs, and eggs, even killing bed bugs that have built up a resistance to traditional pesticides. It has a long-term effect and is available at an affordable price.

5. Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer

It has an odorless formula which works as a great option when the ventilation is not considered as an issue. It is considered as the best option for individual who is sensitive to smell and doesn’t want the lingering bad odor around. The use of product won't stain or damage the fabric and with certain use, one can easily get rid of the bed bugs.

There are number of options available in the market and one must consider using the best one which suits the budget as well as requirement while ensuring quality result.

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