When it comes down to healthcare providers, developer a robust medication app essentially means much greater control over the medication management of the patients and hence, offering safer, better care.

Here, we list major six features that can be part of healthcare ondemand solutions such as highly functional medication app and also explain how these features can help in effective treatment.

Medication plan

Medication intake’s digital scheduling should be the essential and core feature of any robust and high-quality medication app. Different other features become quite a lot helpful as well as convenient to utilize when they have the complete access of data from the schedule. For security purposes, the initial medication plan needs to be created by a health professional. After that, it can easily be shared with the mobile device of the patient while remaining free to edit for any doctor.

Hence, patients and healthcare professionals will always be in tandem. In case, an in-person or any e-visit, a patient requires a medication dose adjustment, then they can contact the doctor and have their entire medication plan reviewed as well as updated seamlessly. Hire on demand app development company to develop this feature in the medication app.


Any patient with a more intensive and complex medication plan can easily have quite some difficulties in remembering what pill they need to take at what time. These patients will certainly benefit from reminders with the notifications which display the medication name and its dosage.

A photo of the necessary pill can easily be displayed too. In this way, even a person with a particular neurodegenerative disorder or disease won’t make a mistake. Also, notifications can easily remind the user about medication intake, as well as the need to restock the meds.

Also, for this particular feature to work, a patient requires to regularly take note of the current dosage as well as a number of pills that they have bought and input this corresponding data into the medication plan. After that, the automatic algorithm will duly calculate the date by when the entire stock will get exhausted and will notify the patient regarding it in advance. Medical app development requires this feature to be included in the app.

Drug interaction checker

One of the key features which can assist patients with medicine intake is the intelligent drug interaction checker. Also, being a part of the highly functional medication app, the intelligent interaction checking algorithm can easily run in the background. Once the patient or doctor adds any new drug to the currently existing list in the entire medication schedule, this checker automatically runs a comprehensive test and shows any warning message if the new entry is duly incompatible with any medication in the plan.

Pill identifier

Essentially a pill identifying feature can assist in the various situations and will inform the patient about what pills they actually have. There are certainly two possible ways of implementing this particular functionality, which different the costs of development and convenience of use. First, the cheaper and less convenient option is to allow a patient to manually input all of the pill characteristics like size, type, color, and much more. The app then runs a thorough search through its existing digital database and shows a whole list of medications with the same or similar characteristics.

Medication Search

Medication apps that allow search for the cheapest or closest drug store with the required medication in stock are quite popular among patients. However, when combined with the medication plan feature, this search of medication becomes quite a lot convenient. Also, patients don’t have to remember as well as input the names of their medication into a search box.

They just need to do a select or choose an entry in their schedule, then sort parameters such as cost and start a GPS-based search. In case the app is partnered with particular drug stores, then the result page will display the applicable discounts a patient is actually eligible for. Along with this, a map with navigation is also optional and can be quite useful too. It helps in the case for users who prioritize lower prices and are well accustomed to traveling large distances to remote locations. Developers with experience in healthcare app development can inculcate this feature with ease.

Prescription renewal

Prescription renewal in the mobile app essentially means saving time for both doctors and patients. Once receiving an automatic reminder regarding their prescription expiring, the patient will be duly promoted to fill in the corresponding form for medication renewal. Also, a doctor will basically receive the form digitally and contact the patient just in case of few questions concerning their condition and hence send them a new prescription through the app. Then, the patient can easily print the prescription out or show it to the pharmacy attendant right on their phone’s screen.


The on demand doctor app development can be a high-functional tool with different features that help the patients to manage their medication intake. Such an app can have a medication plan at its core with other features like reminders, pill identifier, drug interaction checker, as well as medication search and prescription renewal.

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