We now have a president who is not only willing to listen but is encouraging listening in all our engagements especially with foreign countries. Listen so we can really know what their perspective is not just impose ours. Radical and rejuvenating.

Yogically listen is Sunnia, which literally means attuning you to the divine sound current. What in God’s name does that mean. In other words by you claiming and revealing that space inside of you, you will be able to hear the deepest resonances in others. This is an invaluable tool and unfortunately can’t be purchased at the Shunia store. It can however be developed by hanging out in that space. The old saying “Show me who you go with and I’ll tell you what you are.” Is made for this situation. If you want vast hang out in vastness, if you want to be totally wealthy Toni Robbins taught us go pick the brains of the wealthy.

So how do you listen and tune your channel to an infinite station?
I’m going to share one of my favorite ways to tune in. It is a very blissful meditation that takes you to calm. Have you ever notices there is no listening when you are in a chaotic space? So calm is the first step.


Sit in a comfortable position you can even do this at your desk or sit in meditative pose on the floor. Make an “o” out of your mouth and then stick your tongue through that opening extending just past your lips. Curl it if you can if not practice the curl you will be able to do it. Inhale through the tongue and on the exhale you will Chant Whaaaa Haaaaay Guuuu Roooo (Wahe Guru) using the total breath. So stretch the sound out. This sound is about connecting you to the ecstasy of the infinite. It is the real WOW Wisdom being wowed by all wisdom including yours and those you connect with.

You can do this any time to calm yourself. It is great before a meeting or session where you are required and requested to Listen

Listening creates space, inner space. It gives us what I call a mote of grace. Between reaction and us there is a grace space, a breath, a smile, a moment that allows you to listen to the real you. Not the story that hooks into the emotion that makes you feel a certain way and then react in a very predictable rutted way.

Think of Sunnia and fall in love with what you might hear. Anyone is capable of peeling back the mysteries of the Universe, revelation for your realization. So listen up grateful for each connection.

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