India is known around the world for many things. Out of them one is its versatility as states and their possessions. All states have their way of living, mode of communication, heritage and beauty, tourist attractions, regional sports etc to flaunt. When it comes to sports we have Punjab news telling avidly about our national sports that is Hockey. Places like Jalandhar, Sansarpur and Patiala are known to produce many of Hockey players who have represented India at International level. Hockey news used to be about them and the glory they brought to Indian Sports. Entertainment news about sports in India might have always seen Cricket at core but Hockey secures it own place.

Hockey News from Karnataka might come as surprise when due to Kodava Hockey Festival recognized in Guinness Book of World Records as largest Hockey Tournament in the world but Punjab is distinctively known to rule Indian Hockey. Sansarpur in Punjab is known to have 12 Olympians in Hockey. Isn’t it something to proud of as a state?

Punjab News has recently announced a new format of hockey that can make fans out of cricket-crazed crowd. Experimentation on part of Cricket is taken as more fun in way but people, with old school of thought, resist such things in Hockey. One must never forget that evolution is what makes the life interesting and progressive. Idea of familiarity is not good as comfort zone can lead to stagnation.

Has anyone considered that even hockey can make entertainment news as lively as Cricket? If no, then it is the right time to do so as the sport is ready to make a leap into new time with new blood and enthusiasm to contribute. What hockey can do to our nation is rightly depicted in a movie that was an instant hit. It was based on Women Hockey and the issues they face to pursue their dream guided by a coach who is in search of his salvation through the team. So we see how entertainment news can evolve from hockey and Bollywood.

If someone is looking for sports heaven infrastructure wise Karnataka is the destination but is zeal, spirit and enthusiasm is to be sought it is only Punjab. Hockey news is full of these characteristics when Punjabis are playing this game. Punjab news can’t be much different from this spirit if not for the sport exactly but all the things together.

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