I’m wondering if you have you ever had the experience of trying to help someone, and you weren’t able to do so because they wouldn’t stop talking for one minute? They ask you a question and then jump right in stacking another question, a solution, or continue to rattle on about how frustrated they are.

You know where I am coming from.

So you stand there, waiting for them to draw a breath so you can jump in, but they never seem to pause for a breath and when they have finally expelled the air from their lungs they quip, “Well, are you going to help me, or not?” And then without waiting for your response, start straight back up talking again.

I know you’ve had that experience too, haven’t you? Thank goodness only THEY do that, not US. Sure who are we kidding?

We’ve all been there done that too. Sometimes we just get so wound up and pent up, that we blurt out random stream of consciousness without pausing and reflecting or allowing our words to ‘land’ with the other person or even with ourselves. These ramblings work on our unconscious mind just like those positive affirmations we’ve been practicing.

Are your affirmations getting drowned out in a sea of chatter? The wise monks say that growth comes after times of silence when the brain is still and quiet. The most successful, focused and high achieving people that I have had the honour of knowing have engaged in some form of regular meditation practice. They know that the more they can quiet their mind with meditation, the more they are able to tune in and hear that knowing inner voice.

How often do you shut up and be still and just listen to your inner voice? If you’re not making the progress in your life and career that you want, maybe stopping for a while and listening will help.

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