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Money is my friend that flows to me from all sources in the universe – Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I let go of being in competition when I listen sets my snappy new wisdom in motion sends me gliding with pride on my wonderful waterslide of winning to swim in my oceans of wealth.
Because I let go of being quarantined by conceited controlling troll that was bad had me thinking with dim dreariness that life was a competition I had to conquer everything and everybody.
In the world have me riding the swirling whirling tilt-a-whirl as I was going up and down around and around still bound and down with my head spinning.
In a flurrying blurry of my dosh gone ego imprisoned me a selfish prison cell as I felt the welts of my egocentric hell utilizing what I know was/is the bolt thru the hasp on the door locking me.
In my ho hum of my humdrum of look up look down look at my thumb I sure was playing the song of the humdrum of the ho hum is the whole sum of bum of being locked.
In my twisted listlessness of my ego’s competitive whoop to do riding the tilt-a-whirl in a swirl of pathological balderdash is now gone in a bolder dash of brazen audacity.
Because I gallantly showed the guts to “open my eyes to my heart as my soul opened my eyes to realize the surreal real sex appeal of letting go” occurred instantly.
When I dauntlessly deleted my overbearing vanity insanity from being in competition with my spirit’s institutive inspiration sanctioned me to listen by opening.
My innermost peerless prowess to hear my imaginative sapential seer speak in new bold piquant prodigy to sassily spice up my owlish kapish authorizes me to stand up to a dare.
Open’s my eyes to my witness the instant revealing of my dreams awakening robust emotional enterprising energies to show the world I walk tall carry gigantic stick.
Of articulate luminary sapience tantalizing impressive charismatic kingship to expand the wealth and wisdom in the worldly vista choose to stalwartly speak my vibrant visions,
To the world with a stout hearted visionary veracity liberating my revolutionary heroism televising my divine acumen allows me.
To immediately stop idolizing something or somebody I feel know more than I is a lie told to me so now with an influential prowess.
I unhinge this cold old paradoxical hindrance to rally my compelling new grasp marching thru life with new geniusness rallying auspicious steadfast percipience.
To idolize is to diabolically paralyzing me silly sterilizing my trust in me is gone like the 30’s draught unfastens.
A dazzling new-fangled understanding my enterprising lore opens the door of dauntless omniscient oracle revelations allowed me.
The one facilitating my situations in a new fascination nuancing futuristic perpetual motion opens the nurturing notion.
I am the potion collaborates stainless cooperating commotion in my omnific (unlimited power) ocean enticing.
A tsunami of astronomical phenomenons energizing my intergalactic flow dynamic luck opens the way for my love to unlock collaborating kinetic piquancy steaming.
From intra-stellar wisdom to fall from the heavens like a fall festival celebrating my harvest of over-the-top avalanches of copious copiousness as my newborn astuteness flows.
Thru the universal vista feeling my bona-fide sure fired common sense unlocked their cockiness to fly from the competitive cocoon to expand into a calm cool collective songwriter lyricizing.
Their journey in the universal vista for people to see they are the wily warriors unfettering their sixth sense.
To propel the world into starring stainless richness with farsighted prayers revving-up omnipotence spraying peaceful energy reveals their pure precious intuitive talisman Yahweh.
Opens their universal mystical magical ethers of miracles to materialize their desires instantly opens their peaceful eyes to see the cooperating commotion of wave after wave motion.
Frees people to feel there parvenu prayers robustly magnetize prosperity rich acuity yule-ling everyday realizing savant sapience electrifies eons of neon lights.
To shine in my sublime phenomenons unleashing uncanny canniness to be the finessing pheromones to expand my wisdom opening new paths of cosmic opulence
I now understand when I am in competition with people I am flux of being klutz of immaturity insecurity I in the blight of being right and I have to get the last word.
In no matter what my conceited putz is ditzy-en around in my head enflaming my damming me acting like a dingbat prudish turd shows.
My haunts of my insidious haughtiness is thee faceless unfeasible rancid demise of my inner wise ingraining pain invokes the deletion of my innovation because of ingrained pain seeing.
I am the one paralyzing me to stand in wee-wee pity me deliriousness when I piddle paddle around idolizing everything in somebody else is a real fallacy.
Because I choose to recognize my galvanizing forthright truth I am triumphant talent I see in others opens this new titanium trust in my core décor.
I now see me unleashing my resolute intrepid talents I encompass setting free my undaunted utopian enchantment.
To expand fame and fortune in people as I parade thru the world to witness my wisdom energize wealth in others allows me to stroll thru life with the Lights on Broadway.
To shine upon me to decree I am free in my spree to relish my opulent cornucopia as I dance on the world stage at the world renowned Copa Cabaña showing the universe.
My diverse pioneering spirit embellishes my bountiful bliss sanctions me to savor my life of Riley floating on cloud nine.
Because I am impressively fine in my subliminal mind highlighting I am divine when I pay attention.
To glisten when I listen to shine prime time stainless wisdom from daring heart today and every day in every way under grace in a picture perfect way and in Divine Order now.
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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