As soon as the iPhone X model was launched into the market, it took all the hype, praises and criticism which came with it. And while this was all true, Apple did label the iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus) model to be a wonderful handset. There were no surprises, no thrills and minimum reasons for disappointment- at least in starting phases.

The iPhone 8 model came with wonderful processing abilities, quality camera, a strong battery life, stellar display screen and wireless charging. So, truth be told, if the iPhone X hadn’t stolen its thunder, then it had all the makings of being one of the top smartphones of our time.

But as no model is 100% perfect, the iPhone 8 handset also started experiencing issues- be it in its functionality or use. And keeping that in mind, here are some common device issues which came about in the later stages as per avid users.

  • Bluetooth Issues:-

Smooth bluetooth connectivity is always important for every iPhone user, especially after Apple removed the headphone jack accessory from the box. 

Unfortunately, in the later stages, the iPhone 8 users did complain about their device not pairing their music with Air Pods. So, it was almost like watching television without any sound.

However, the issue turned out to be an easy fix as per technicians offering a wide variety of mobile repairs near Nottingham who received quite a number of such requirements.

  • The Swelling Battery Issue:-

Another common issue which has been associated with iPhone 8 models is that of swelling battery. And some reports have even pointed out that this issue can cause the device to split up or detach the screen from its backside. 

Apple, however, did not confirm or deny about these rumours and clearly stated users to go for a battery replacement immediately or contact Apple support to inform of the issue.

  • Not Connecting With Wi-Fi:-

Another reported annoying issue which the iPhone 8 device faced was Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Some of the common instances include:-

  • Device not connecting to Wi-Fi Network
  • Repeatedly showing instances of incorrect password
  • Wi-Fi connection dropping now and then
  • Reduced internet speed with connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Update Issues:-

As per insider’s report, when all new iOS updates got released, it took around several weeks and attempts to fix this initial device bug. In that transition period, when iOS software updates are regularly sent to the device, iPhone 8 suffered update issues. 

Plus, the fact that the overall performance of the device was good to most users; this also kept them from paying attention to this issue and updating their device accordingly.

Being An iPhone 8 User- Do Any Of These Issues Apply To Your Case?

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