The world is becoming more and more conscious about the environment and how to protect it from the increasing damages of fossil fuels. Countries are moving towards alternate fuels like ethanol blended petrol, electrically charged vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The whole point is to reduce carbon emission and not pollute the atmosphere.

In this regard, there is also an increased activity towards selecting the best batteries for usage. There is a desire to move towards alternate battery sources that can last long, do not take time to charge and are also easy on the environment when totally used and discarded. Lithium battery is becoming the popular choice among industries and BSLBATT is at the forefront of providing such lithium batteries made in their world class lithium battery factory.


BSLBATT has been making a variety of sophisticated lithium batteries for many industries like the marine, solar set ups, electric forklifts, automotive and various other industrial application devices. The lithium battery made by them is totally customised to suit the individual needs of that market and industry.

The lithium battery factory produces lithium batteries that are more than 2000 times effective, in that you will still see 70% of the charge remaining even after deep discharge. In addition, the company has a strong after sales support team with a lot of experience. They attend to requirements of customers professionally and offer customised solutions at prices that are reasonable for everybody.

Indeed, the reasons for moving to the lithium battery choice are many. The disadvantages of the current Nickel Cadmium are sufficient for people to choose lithium battery made by lithium battery factory of a reputed company like BSLBATT

These are the following:

  • The rate of self-discharge is pretty high and that means you cannot afford to keep the Nickel Cadmium batteries unused for a long time.
  • The cadmium inside these batteries are toxic and with high self-discharge, they are a menace to the environment
  • Recycling is a problem with them
  • The negative effects on the brain due to cadmium
  • Longer time to recharge
  • Quick discharge leading to the need to recharge frequently

As compared to the above disadvantages of Nickel Cadmium, the lithium batteries have many things going for them, such as:

  • Higher depth of discharge. Even after 3000 complete recharges, you will still have sufficient juice in the batteries for use. You may be able to use them for another 2000 charge cycles, rendering them very cost effective.
  • They do not self-discharge and that means you need not worry about keeping them unused for any length of time.
  • They get charged quickly. This means even if they run out of charge, you know you can recharge them soon and start using them without having to wait long.

The above benefits are sufficient enough to move to lithium batteries. When you have lithium battery units made by a company like BSLBATT at their lithium battery factory, with high quality standards, you cannot go wrong with your choice.

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