Health is an important aspect, and once it is damaged, it sometimes becomes difficult to reverse it back. Balanced diet is a crucial part of healthy living. With so many chemicals and pollutants being used for farming and cultivation, eating veggies and healthy food can also be sometimes dangerous. So let us look at healthier options like organic vegetables and sea veggies.

Sea vegetables or sea greens as they are popularly known as, is nothing else than seaweeds. These organically grown seaweeds are air dried and then cooked or consumed as other vegetables. Research has proved that these sea veggies are an amazing source of iron, and Vitamin C. Some sea veggies like Laminaria are a rich source of Iodine. It is a form of Brown algae.

With the growing pollution, health risks and new kind of diseases and ailments coming up day by day, people are now moving towards organic food and healthy food options. Health and fitness are of utmost priority as without that you would not be able to live or enjoy your life to the fullest. While organic foods are grown on the land claim to be having no artificial pesticides used, sea vegetables are healthier as compared to them as they are grown in a natural environment on their own.

Most common minerals obtained from sea vegetables

• Iodine
• Vitamin C
• Manganese
• Vitamin B2
• Vitamin A
• Copper
• Protein
• Phosphorus
• Iron
• Potassium
• Zinc
• Vitamin B3
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin B1
• Pantothenic Acid

Health benefits of Sea Veggies:

• Mineral Vanadium obtained from seaweeds regulates carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar.
• Haloperoxidases is an enzyme produced by these veggies which are known to increase immunity.
• Their Non-flavonoid and non-carotenoid antioxidants are great antioxidants.
• Fucoidan content in sea vegetables provides them anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial for osteoarthritis.
• They also provide cardiovascular benefits due to their anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties.
• Risk of breast cancer and estrogen-related cancer can be highly reduced with the intake of sea vegetables regularly.
• Sea vegetables also have anti-viral properties.

In short, sea veggies contain all the minerals that are present in the human blood and are required to stay fit and healthy.

Increasing usage of sea vegetables:

Sea vegetables are becoming increasingly popular in the western countries. Seaweed has been the staple diet of Japanese people for centuries, but the world understands its importance recently. You can find these veggies in local supermarkets, health foods, and specialty stores. Seaweeds can be grown both in marine water as well as in freshwater lakes and ponds.

As seaweeds require light for growth, it grows well on rocks and rocky landscape where enough sunlight penetration is there. Seaweeds cannot be categorized as vegetables or animals, they are actually algae. They come in a variety of color, taste, and texture. The sea vegetables are mostly produced and exported all around the globe by Japan. You must soak the vegetables in water for 5-10 minutes before cooking them.

It is recommended to at least consume 1 tablespoon of sea veggies per day. You can include them in salads, soups, or for garnishing food as per your choice. The amazing health benefits of these veggies make it the best choice for a balanced diet.

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