Today live chat is becoming the most popular customer support tool for many type of businesses. It hardly matters whether the business uses live chat to support the visitors or to resolve the concerns of your visitors and potential customers, it can and it does, increase both sales and conversions for a lot of reasons.

Customers love live chat for many reasons. Today the scenario has changed as people are using emails, text messaging and all types of chat programs for communicating. No one is interested in making a call to the business with their queries.

Live chat makes you feel valued as you just don’t have to sit on hold for someone to get on the line. With live chat program you have the option to open the chat window and checkout exactly how many request are in queue. It even does not take a few seconds before you are connected with the live chat representative, loaded with powerful insights to guide you through your shopping excursion.

This incredible and top level efficiency satiates the customers and makes them happy with an in built trust for your company.

According to an ATG Global Consumer Trend Study, 90% of the customers say that live chat is very helpful.

It also revealed the following:

Customers value live chat
Live chat is the most preferred over any other on line customer support
Despite the above facts there are still customers who ave never used live chat.
So looking to the potentials of live chat, get the powerful widget installed at your site.

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