Adding live chat to your website simply means decrease customer service response time and enhance in customer satisfaction. There a lot more companies that fail to efficiently use their website to its fullest potential and to immediately provide relevant information to the visitors which might turn to paying customers.

The people who are their at your site prefer to use live chat to get instant assistance rather than waiting in telephone queues or simply killing their potential time waiting for an email response. The browsing site visitors and your potential customers are seen to make twice more purchases after communicating with the live chat agents and getting assistance from them regarding their queries.

Live chat is all there to build customer trust and confidence in your company and the services and products offered by them. The customers are easily able to interact with the live chat representatives and get their concerns answered before they leave the website.

The customers are no more frustrated and are satisfied and happy.

This in turn enhances the sales as happy and satisfied customers are seen to make more purchases. Even such customers add up to your loyal customer list and such customers are less price sensitive. That is the business has the advantage of charging them more for their services. This is also a part of the trust on behalf of the customers as they know there is someone at the website and their interest are taken care of.

Live hat is thus that extra widget which if present at your website can do wonders.

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