The most important and adorable feature of live chat is that it is available when your customers need it the most. As we see today e commerce is growing steadily and there are many retailers who are seeing majority shift of sales occurring online rather than offline.

The customers may need some help in completing the purchase or even want to have support to the purchases they have made earlier. Like there can be instances when the customer is not able to locate any particular object on your site, or he requires to know the details of a particular product, may be he is just interested in making a comparison between two products.

Similarly there are other type of people also who may be interested to interact with the live chat agents. They are known to be your existing customers.

They may require to know about the warranty or guarantee of the products or are eager to know about the return policies.

With live chat it is also possible for the customers to give instant feedback to the managers of the CRM team.

With live chat the customers can solve their problem without any hassles, all in one place. The online customer that may be wanting to complete the purchase but is reluctant until he has confirmed that he have gone for the right product can now easily head forward with live chat assistance.

Live chat indeed encourages the potential prospects and the customers to make more purchases with its exceptional quality customer service.

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