You must be aware that live chat is a platform which helps you to interact with your visitors at your website. Live chat provides instant response to all your customer queries and concerns in real time. At times the customers are hesitating to make purchase as they are engrossed with doubts.

They are also reluctant to make a call or draft an email to your company.

Here live chat plays a vital factor.

It is very much there at the website and hence too comfortable for the visitors as well as your customers to interact with.

Live chat is also relatively cheap as compared to other conventional support systems. It is said that it’s common for companies to save as much as 50% on support costs with live chat versus using traditional phone support.

The other perk with live chat available is that it allows the customers to multitask.

There is no need for the customers to remain tethered to the chat window. They can enjoy their hot coffee or keep browsing as they shall be pinged as soon as the chat agent is ready with the reply.

Similarly the chat agents also have the liberty to take multiple chats. They can handle 4-5 chats at a time, with the help of canned responses and urls. Canned responses are responses which are framed before hand to the frequently asked questions. In this way the customer support representatives not only speed up the process but also reduce the man power required.

Hence live chat is not only loved by the customers but businesses also!

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