My experience has shown me that there is one attitude, which will completely transform your life. It will help you to invite more wealth and better health into your life, give you access to your greatest potential, help you build and sustain great relationships and make you feel the happiness and joy you deserve. The attitude I am referring to, is an attitude of “Gratitude”. When you consciously discover all the things you have to be grateful for in your life and you focus your energy on inviting the positive emotions associated with them into your experience, you will feel more positive, believe in possibility and feel inspired to take action daily to achieve your goals.

Feeling gratitude is always a choice. It is a simple process of looking around your world, seeing all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for and then allowing the glow of joy and satisfaction to flow over you. The positive state you feel, when in a state of gratitude, will equip you to feel more inspired, you will experience far more self-confidence and self-belief and you will see the world around you from a far more positive perspective. This will allow you to see more opportunities and more easily overcome challenges.

Finding Things to be Grateful for
We have just had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful festive season, filled with wonderful times with our families and friends. We have enjoyed many memorable and enjoyable moments during the festive season. If you have nothing else to be grateful for, use the wonderful experiences and time with family and friends, as a starting point. You really do have so much to be grateful for, when you really start to look, you will discover far more wonderful reasons for gratitude, than you would believe existed.

Making This Work for you
The way your life turns out in the future, is directly related to what you create. You are a very creative being, who arrived on this planet just like everyone else, naked, ignorant and vulnerable. Everything that happens in your life from that moment on is related to the choices you make or fail to make, the actions you take or fail to take and the thoughts you think.

Creation Process
The creation process is simple. Your thoughts create your expectations, which you turn into your vision and goals for the future. You then craft a set of action plans which you act on daily so that you can create your future life experience.

Driving the Creation Process
The way to drive your dreams and turn them into your reality is through expectation. The greater your expectation, the greater will be the things you will ultimately be able to manifest in your life. Thus the greater your expectation and your resultant belief in your ability to turn that expectation into your reality, the greater will be the possibility that you will manage to convert your expectations into your future reality.

Are your Expectations Limiting your Potential?
Action Idea: Take a close look at your expectations right now. Are they very limited and restrictive, because of your belief in yourself and what you are capable of achieving? If you have very limited expectations about what is possible, then it is extremely unlikely that you will achieve greatness. We seldom, if ever exceed our own expectations. The expectations you have, limited or expansive, have a powerful effect on how your life will turn out, and so if you want to change the way your future will turn out, change your expectations about what is possible for you.

Dare to dream about all the wonderful possibilities that are available to you, believe you can achieve them, create a positive mental attitude, by feeling gratitude for everything, which is working in your life and you will have created the perfect circumstances for inviting all the success you desire into your life.

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