All you really possess is right now, the past is gone forever and is only a distant memory and the future only exists as an idea or electrical charge in your mind. So if you consistently live your life looking in the rear-view mirror, living with regret for what could or should have been. You are wasting the value of every moment to be content and fulfilled. Similarly if you constantly live, gazing into the future, concerned about what may be, you never get to use your most valuable possession, namely every “NOW” to live, love and laugh.

Learn from the Past
The only way to create the wonder you deserve and to enjoy every moment, is to remove the memory of failure, which is embedded so deeply in your Psyche and instead to use the memory of the past as your tutor. Learn all the lessons it offers and then move boldly into the present, equipped to make the most of every moment.

Plan for the Future, Live in the Now
Yes, you must have a vision or direction, which you want to use to guide your travels into the future and a strategic plan, which you act upon daily to get you there, but learn to live in the moment and give yourself permission to enjoy each one. The picture of possibility the future offers, is only a figment of your imagination. Discovering meaning and fulfilment is not found at that destination in the future, but in every moment you dare to live in the NOW. Yes as clichéd as it may sound, success is never about the destination, but rather about enjoying the journey, which will eventually get you there.

Do not feel Disappointment, Discover Meaning and Fulfilment
Disappointment is the gap, which exists between your unrealised expectations, your reality and what you believe is possible for you. So yes you will encounter difficulties, challenges and setbacks on your path towards the success you desire. These are all just a natural and very necessary part of any success journey, as they teach you valuable lessons and often highlight opportunities, which would have remained hidden, had you not encountered the challenges in the first place. Summon the courage to deal with the hurts of the past, travel boldly into the future, but live and discover meaning, joy and happiness in the NOW.

Break Free – You are Magnificent
Being average is easy, being exceptional on the other hand demands, sustained inspiration, extra effort and a healthy dose of daily discipline. None of which should detract from your commitment to the moment. Never allow yourself to feel overwhelmed or distressed by the process of inviting success into your life, live every moment to the full and enjoy the meaning and fulfilment each one brings. Yes there is a price to be paid to achieve the success you desire, but if the picture of possibility you have for the future is aligned with who you really are, you will always be able to find value and meaning in everything you do, including the goal specific actions you will take daily.

Be Confident – You Really do have what it Takes
Your dreams are fragile and as you travel the path towards them, you will be buffeted by challenges and setbacks. Accept them as part of the journey, embrace them and do not allow them to spoil even one of your magnificent moments. Your “NOWS” are really valuable, enjoy each one and you will have mastered your life. You do have what it takes, so feel the confidence you deserve and march boldly and confidently into your future, embracing, enjoying and making the most of every moment.

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