What has technology given to us? This is not as nagging a question as it may seem at first glance. Answer to this question comes instantly to us. Answer in itself is “Fast”. This word talks about the super human speed that technology represents. Satellites are one reason of this speed. They have made live coverage of any event organized in any part of the world possible. Live News is in great demand hence.

Majorly, events of Sports are hit by this “live” fever. In times like this, people make use of their TV to enjoy every move of the game live. Due to this, live cricket scores are in demand by people who love this sport and are on run. Their need is fulfilled by radio and SMS alerts (provided they have mobile phone; the gadget is impossible not to have in time like this!). Apart from sports, world news pertaining to other subjects has also gone live in wake of prevailing demands. Nobody likes stale information. Live Newsfrom every sector or event gets hyped according to relevance for various individual.

Life translates itself into activity. A person is considered living only when he or she is involved in some work. Even still objects like trees and plants live this way. Technology acts as a catalyst to activity of life where humans are concerned. Actually, technology has given news realms to human evolutions. People try to do brainstorming all possibilities in those realms. One way to keep up is current innovations and discoveries that are mentioned as world news. The idea is to remain updated so as not to be left behind in this rat race.

World is a place of constant ups and downs. We live on the whim of destruction as well as evolution. We need to calculate our steps to make a leap so that we may not fall into wrong side of judgment. World News is a combination positive and negative cue. We are required to watch the flow of the events. Keeping track of live news about the events around the world will help to evaluate the chances of our success against the wrongs we have already done. One subject that demands such attention is our environment. Live cricket score still remain a priority over environment when craze of events like world cup washes over Indians.

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