What is the purpose of your life? Working, eating and sleeping is no life. There must be some good purpose and some noble cause of your living. If you are living without a purpose then, I am sorry to say, you are living the life of an animal.

What do you want to do for yourself and for others? What do you want to achieve in your life? What do you want to tell others and to yourself? Why you are here in this world? Get up, open your eyes, look straight in the mirror and tell to yourself the real purpose of your own life, loudly and clearly.

Don’t live an ordinary life. Live a super high quality life. Live the life of a hero who is not only being loved by fellow human beings but also worshipped while he is physically no more in this world.

Do some favor to yourself by taking care of your body, mind and soul. Your body needs good nourishing food to remain active, energetic and smart. Your soul needs spiritual food to remain healthy. Keep your body healthy and in high spirits. Spend some quiet time in meditation, prayers and establishing an invisible contact with your Creator. Enhance your mental abilities by reading some good thought-provoking books, articles and inspirational self-improvement material.

Do some favor to your family by giving them your personal love and affection which they need more than your material support to them. Take care of the poor, old and sick persons who need some kind of help from you. When someone is in trouble give him a helping hand. This is your moral obligation. The world can become a wonderful place to live if all human beings start taking care of other people.

The biggest happiness of mankind is in sharing and giving. Happily share your time, money, food, feelings, thoughts and ideas with your friends, family and colleagues. Always ready to give whatever you can give to others. If you have nothing else to give then give your smiles. Always pass on good, encouraging and kind remarks about others. Sometimes you can change a person’s life for good just by honestly encouraging him.

People can easily overcome their depression if they get love and helpful remarks from others. Sympathetic and kind words are always most helpful in healing the emotional wounds of the grieved persons. The sick persons feel better when they receive “get well soon” type good wishes from their friends.

Only those people who are living with a purpose are the real heroes. They are living a superb life beyond expectations of others. Start living a meaningful life by living with a purpose. The sincerity of your purpose will lead you to the new heights of fame and fortune.

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Hifzur Rehman is an expert on success and personal development. He is also a motivational author and the editor of his website http://www.selfimprovement.ch . This website is dedicated to provide FREE practical guidance to those who want to achieve extraordinary success in life. Living a happy, healthy and successful life is not a luxury but a human necessity.

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