On January 20th 2009 I had an intense vision, one that would define my career and play out in various stages throughout my life. It came to me first as a complex jumble, with many messages beaming in at once and me falling over myself to comprehend them all. Over time, it’s repeated itself in gentler and clearer ways, most notably in my work with clients.

I endeavor here to share with people the “meta-vision” of the last year and a half of my life, what I mean by the words “Live Your Divine Purpose”, and the over-arching goal of my work.

The Human Heart
It is a common idea that the heart is where passion lives and dreams take form. Less understood is that the creative passion of your heart is not something that belongs to you, but rather an energy that comes through you.

This energy is connected to the life force of the universe. It has a natural rhythm and pulse, and is utterly loving. Its exact expression is always unique to the individual: everyone can sing, yet no other person can sing exactly as you do. Your voice is a necessary component of a global choir, and our choir loses harmony and becomes disjointed without it. Contributing the unique form of your voice is your Divine purpose – to offer something to the world no one else can give.

It is not idle fantasy to imagine being capable of greatness, rather it is an acknowledgment of fact. Dreams and inspiration are born out of what the heart knows is possible for us to achieve. More than that, the heart knows how to achieve it! When we let our minds relax and listen not only to the passion within us, but what actions to take regarding it, we let go of any reasons why we can’t and simply do.

The mind is designed to listen to and follow the guidance of the heart. When it tries to do things on its own we lose connection with our life-line and get scared. We become trapped in sabotaging patterns of “I can’t”, because the mind doesn’t know how. The heart does.

Let the Heart Lead
When you relax into your heart, open to its guidance and let it lead you, it does not direct in a way that constricts you to its will or clouds your vision.

Rather, it leads as your dance partner. With the heart, there is no agenda to go anywhere, only a profound joy in doing. It is always listening to you, your deepest need and what serves your highest good. It reflects back to you the steps to take, the movements of a dance.

Actions that come from the heart are based on receiving what you would otherwise struggle to achieve. They awaken and give rise to the love that is inside you, and the unlimited possibilities of its grace.

We have a tendency to think in linear terms. We have a desire to get somewhere, and think of doing things in order to reach a goal. Even if our inspiration for an action comes from the heart – perhaps to take an art class or write a novel – often our minds will take over when we start to go about it and create stress. We lose the joy of doing because we become so focused on outcome.

Forget about outcome, why you are doing something. Do things as a way of experiencing life, and the joy within it. Act out of love, not fear, and discover what happens.

World Peace
I once channeled the words, ”world peace will never happen if people don’t make a plan for it.” I then proceeded to channel a vision for what world peace looks like and the steps to take regarding it. Any time I ask, this vision is expanded on in more detail. However, the only step that matters is the first step.

It is for individuals like you and me to express the spark of creativity in our hearts. Let go of every belief or thought that jumps in to say something isn’t possible.

The energy inside the heart is pure love. It is gentle, flowing, and when we relax enough to let it come through us it transforms the world.

My service is to guide others in this first step. Through channeling, I help people connect into their hearts and live their Divine Purpose.

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Lambert is a licensed bodyworker and psychic intuitive. Her work is specifically oriented toward helping people connect with what they were born to do and doing it successfully in the world. In addition to personal counseling sessions both over the phone and in person, she offers workshops around the Portland community and is an inspirational speaker. Visit www.BodyInsights.com to learn more.