People these days are living longer and longer as medical advances expand life expectancies; outside of trusting your longevity to modern medical advances I’ve outlined for you here everything you need to know about increasing longevity through better lifestyle choices. If you want to know how to just live longer, then read on and consider the many benefits of natural life extension through healthy living.

Longer life can be a joy and for the average person living a longer life is even better when you are healthy, active, and in a good state of mind. Modern science has improved so much that doctors can extend life much longer than sick people can appreciate and enjoy. This does two things. It increases healthcare costs and dissuades people from desiring extreme longevity. Because of the chronically sick; people associate the elderly with the meek and ill and they do not wish for that themselves. Longer life does not have to imply frailty. Longer life spans can be quite enjoyable if you prepare for it today, because if you do prepare today, you will be likely to end up with a longer life than you might expect.

Here’s the secret recipe for increased human longevity. Participate in activities and become friends with people who bring happiness to your life. There are a handful of elements that are always found in longevity analysis and this is one of them; happiness breeds longer life. No matter the study or who conducts it is typically found that those who have a positive attitude on average live far longer than everyone else.

You might wonder how to live life as a happier person. This is very personal but you could try treating those around you as you would yourself. The old golden rule usually works like a charm. If you do this for a long time you begin feeling good about your self and others will treat you with a deeper respect. You will be happier and be a more positive person and your life expectancy will likely be longer.

Among the many other proven ways to increase personal happiness is to value family and make it a priority in your life. Even though family can sometimes cause stress, people on average live a lot longer when they value their families and are close to them.

Personal happiness and satisfaction is not the only way to increase your life expectancy; you can deliberately make lifestyle choices which lead to increased longevity as well. This is usually the most obvious piece to human longevity and it is most often a major stumbling block an cause for decreased lifespans.

One of the most damaging choices one can make is smoking. Smokers on average die roughly 10 years younger than nonsmokers. Smoking increases risk for many deadly diseases. It is a major contributor to heart disease and diabetes and by simply eliminating smoking from your life you will be far more likely to live longer. Additionally as your life expectancy increases you will enjoy life until the end as you will be far less likely to suffer from a debilitating disease.

Another lifestyle choice which contributes to decreased longevity is drinking in excess. When alcohol is used in moderation it does tend to indicate an increase in life expectancy but this benefit is quickly eliminated when abuse sets in. Alcohol abuse is associated with increased risk for accidents, heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and virtually all other diseases. There just aren't many alcoholics that look young and not too many who achieve extreme old age.

In addition to the obvious choices that affect human longevity you can also tip the scales in your favor by lowering your propensity for accidents. Wear your seat belt and drive safely. Accidents cause over 100,000 deaths every year according to the CDC; if you can lower your risk for them your life expectancy rate will be much higher.

Those are the basics to increasing human longevity and living longer with better by making better lifestyle choices. You can never be sure how long you will actually live but if you make these positive changes to your lifestyle then you will be increasing your life expectancy rate and will be much more likely to live a longer life. Extremely long lifespans do occur on their own but you can influence them with your choices. Make the best choices you can and go live a longer life.

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