Do you realize the power and authority that resides on the inside of you? If you did, you can impact your life dramatically. Many times people allow their outside circumstances decide their next step.

Learn how to take a deep breath, and concentrate on what is happening here. I call these things outside interference, whose purpose is to get a reaction out of you, by reacting to its action. Do you know when you step into a room, circumstances should flee?

You have heard these terms being caught off-guard, or blindsided. This is the place where you take a deep breath, and not allow your emotions to act for you. If you allow your emotions to think for you, what will happen is that you will be unstable, and sway with every wind of doctrine.

You thought you had everything under control, but now you are facing this issue, so you say, "What am I to do?" Circumstances come to mess with your mind, and what you believe. You must be steadfast and unmovable, regardless of what transpires.

You hear people say, ”If it’s not one thing it’s the other, misery loves company,” but do you realize you are creating these situations, by surrendering your power?
When you are operating in this mode you are not making rational decisions.

All decisions from that platform are made out of fear of what may occur, if you do not submit to the dictates of what you have heard, read, or received. Fear of losing your home, your job, you place in society, your family, and the list goes on and on. Especially, in what the news is saying about “this economy” recession to make it more clear.

We have seen people unable to cope, and I am not taking this lightly, because their minds got bombarded with fear, and it caused some of them to make irrational decisions. These people probably could not see beyond their circumstances.
Do you know what happens when you are overcome with fear? It paralyzes you. You cannot move, and depression sets in.

Fear is a strong force, but there is hope. Like these people who were trapped by this monster called fear, and somehow lost their focus; you keep looking up, because tomorrow is a better day. You do not have to throw in the towel, and call it quits; you are a man or woman of power.

You know everyone is not affected by “this economy.” It is all how you see yourself in this picture. How do you see you? Here is an exercise for you, sit in front of a mirror, and stare into your own eyes; it will surprise you. Does your stare or eyes look weak, if so, you need to strengthen your inner self, by building your confidence level.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Believe in you. If no one else believes in you, you believe in yourself. This is another exercise I want you to try. Tomorrow morning, when you get up, you dress up. When you dress up you will feel better about yourself. Iron your clothes, polish your shoes, put on some make-up, fellows groom your mustache, or beard, spritz on cologne, or perfume and off to work you go.

This will make you see yourself in a different light, and place you in a power position, where you feel like somebody. It does not matter if you are a janitor at the school, or an account executive at a big corporation, everyone is important, and has the same power and authority available to them.

When you change how you see yourself, it will change how you feel on the inside, and you will begin to feel your spirit rise. Not only that, but opportunities that you thought were outside of your reach will become available to you.

You will begin to attract powerful and dynamic things to yourself. Those dreams and vision that you thought were dead will be rejuvenated. Your energy level will be increased.

Let’s look at how you make decisions. . Choose to make your own decisions, and do not be moved out of your position of power. Recognize that you have the power to crush adversity under your feet.

Declare to the universe your viewpoint, take your stand, plant yourself firmly and do not be moved. See in detail what you want to accomplish, and feel your energy rise from the inside.

You have to strengthen yourself daily, by not giving in to whatever you are facing. You make the decisions, because any indecisions are still decisions, there are just not made by you.

You have the power and authority within yourself to defeat any circumstance that comes your way. Recognize that you are the king or queen of your castle. It is more than just saying that phrase. You have to reflect this stance on the inside as well.

Take a look at the palaces of kings and queens to get a better picture. Approaching the king or queen was done with caution. Anybody or anything could not come within reach of the throne, unless they were summoned. When someone did come into the presence of authority, they did so with caution.

The presence of the king or queen emits power and authority; the entire atmosphere is charged. Electrify your atmosphere with integrity. Integrity is more than a good name; it is doing what you intended to do, finishing, and not backing down. Integrity strengthens you from the inside out and charges your atmosphere.

Integrity builds a force-field around you. You will begin to see the difference, when adversity or negative people approach you, and their approach is different. Oftentimes, they may even avoid you.

Choose to live in victory and not defeat. Studies have shown that the majority of people who have gotten their purses snatched, or been car-jacked operated in a defeated stance. When the perpetrators were asked why they chose that person, it was said that they knew that person was an easy target. The criminal knew the victim would not fight back.

Have you ever seen people in a parking lot how they walk and move, or even the way they take groceries out of their shopping cart? Just by observing these few things you can tell if that person is walking in confidence or defeat.

Change your mind, and you change your outlook about you. Live in the now. Let go of your past. Declare you will no longer be a victim. You are not your circumstance. Adversity is just a place.

Speak to that circumstance, and command a change. Get sick and tired of the same old thing, come to the end of yourself, and let adversity have it. People may think you’re crazy, but life is too short to keep struggling through, just trying to make it, just getting by, having to settle for, maybe next year, I thought I would – Yes You Can!

Square up your shoulders and stand erect, and conquer your world. You are a person of authority; circumstances have to bow to you. You have been given the power and authority, so assume your position. Allow boldness to rise from within, and voice what you desire. You must learn to operate from the inside out, and this will cause you to live out loud.

Next time you receive an unfavorable circumstance, make a decision right then, that you will not settle, but the outcome will be on your terms. As humans, we are an amazing species. We are on this earth to live out our purpose, and operate in our higher intelligence. Change your mind, and change your world.

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Gertrude Chapman is Radio Host of "Your Turning Point," heard Mondays at 7:00 PM EST, on Blog Talk Radio. As a motivational speaker and author she will ignite you to unlock the dreams in your heart.