When a cancer originates in the liver tissues, it is called primary liver cancer. However, if the cancer has originated in some other part of the body and has spread to the liver, it is called secondary liver cancer.

Liver diseases like Cirrhosis and hepatitis increase the risk of primary liver cancer. But liver cancer can develop irrespective of risk factors.

It is advised to speak to a doctor if you feel you may be at risk or may experience the following risk factors:

If you are obese
If you have liver cirrhosis
If you have Hepatitis B and/or C
if you’ve eaten foods with fungus, especially nuts and grains, as they release aflatoxins in the blood stream
If you have itching, fever chills, jaundice and pain in the upper right abdomen
Possible signs of primary liver cancer
A lump or pain on the right ride of the abdomen is a cause for concern. Consult a doctor in case you experience any of the following:

If you have abdominal discomfort on the right side
If there is pain around your right shoulder
If there is a hard lump just below the rib cage, on the right side
If you have lost weight without much efforts
If you feel fatigued
If you have nausea
If you experience loss of appetite
If you have jaundice which causes yellowing of the skin and eyes
What is the treatment of primary liver cancer?
Partial hepatectomy surgery, Total hepatectomy surgery and liver transplant are the means of treating a localized resectable adult primary cancer.

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