Many liver diseases require liver transplant surgery. There are various surgeons in India, but choosing the best liver transplant surgeon in India is tricky. For finding the best liver transplant surgeon in India, consult with your family doctors, take information from your family, colleagues, and friends, read the experience and success rate of the doctor, and get information about the education and training of the doctor.

Liver Disease
The liver performs many essential functions. Liver diseases develop due to several reasons. The diseased liver is unable to perform essential functions. Liver dysfunction results in the development of various symptoms. Liver diseases significantly reduce the quality of life. Many of the liver diseases are progressive. These diseases, without treatment, may result in serious complications. These may cause complete liver failure and death. In some liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, hepatologists recommend liver transplant surgery.

Types Of Liver Disease
There are various types of liver disease. These are:

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: In this condition, there is an excess accumulation of fat in the liver. This extra fat causes inflammation in the liver and causes the death of healthy liver cells. The condition is progressive and may cause liver cirrhosis.
Liver cancer: Liver cancer may be the primary liver cancer and metastatic liver cancer. In primary liver cancer, cancer initiates in the cells of the liver. In metastatic liver cancer, the cancerous cells migrate to the liver from another organ.
Hepatitis: Hepatitis is a viral infection that results in liver inflammation. There are various types of hepatitis, the most common being Hepatitis A, B, and C.
Bile duct cancer: Bile ducts are the ducts that carry the bile. In bile duct cancer, the cancerous cells invade the bile ducts.
Benign Liver Tumors: There are certain benign tumors in the liver that may interfere with the routine liver functions.
Inherited diseases: Various inherited diseases affect the functioning of the liver. Some inherited liver diseases are Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, Hemochromatosis, Hyperoxaluria, and Wilson’s disease.
Primary biliary cholangitis: This condition is due to the blockage in the bile ducts due to injury. The bile is not able to leave the liver and accumulates in the liver. It causes scar and cell damage.
Neonatal Jaundice: Jaundice is a liver disease caused due to liver dysfunction.
Alcohol-induced liver disease: Taking a high quantity of alcohol for a prolonged period may cause liver damage.
Drug-induced liver damage: Drugs such as paracetamol, when taken in large quantities, results in acute liver failure.

Causes Of Liver Failure
The reasons for liver failure are:
– Excessive alcohol consumption
– Liver failure due to medications
– Infection caused due to bacteria or virus
– Exposure to toxins and industrial chemicals
– Hereditary diseases such as Wilson’s disease
– Fatty liver diseases caused due to accumulation of fats
– Tumors both cancerous and benign
– Metabolic diseases
Symptoms Of Liver Diseases
The patients do not experience symptoms at the early stage of liver disease. As the disease progresses, the patient experiences symptoms due to significant liver dysfunction. Some of the symptoms of liver diseases include:
– Abdominal pain
– Nausea and vomiting
– Weakness and fatigue
– Loss of appetite
– Yellowing of skin and eyes
– Easy bruising and bleeding
– Swelling in legs and ankles
– Mental confusion
– Lack of energy and sleepiness
– Swelling abdomen
– Pale color stools
– Itching
Why Liver Transplant Treatment In India
Various national and international patients requiring liver transplantation prefers to get their surgery done in India. Several hospitals offer the best liver transplant in India. There are several advantages of undergoing liver transplant surgery in India:
– Surgery is conducted through advanced technology.
– Minimal complications
– Competitive price
– High-quality post-surgical care
– A high rate of success
-Best liver transplant surgeons in India

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