At Liver Helpline India, The liver transplant surgery is performed by a team of experts who are highly skilled, highly experienced, and have a high success rate with liver transplant surgeries.
The doctors at Liver Helpline India, have performed more than 750 live related donor liver transplants with excellent survival rate.
The patients have reported with a 95% success rate, the safety record for donors is also very high.
For patients seeking liver transplant surgery, from all across the world, India is a preferred choice of place for treatment.
India has a plethora of centres offering deceased donor, living donor and adult paediatric liver transplantation.
Liver cell transplantation and stem cell therapy, which are non operative technical advancements, are also available in India.
India hosts advanced technological infrastructure
Facilities of blood bank with round the clock apharesis facility,
Advanced labs with microbiology support
Advanced Cardiology
Interventional Radiology
64 slice CT scanner
liver fibro-scan
Portable and colour ultrasonology
CVVHD facilities
Nephrology with 24 hour dialysis
Who can be a Donor
There are two types of donor, that can be considered for a liver transplant surgery in india:
1. Cadaveric Donor – A brain dead person, who is on advanced life support, and has a family with an intention to donate the organ before the person dies. In this case, the donor is called a cadaveric donor. Since cadaveric organs are not available easily, there is a long waiting list, and sometimes, the candidate may need to wait for months.
2. Living donor – For international patients, it is recommended to bring with them, a healthy and willing donor. Living donor, is a living and healthy person who is a close relative of the recipient.
The living donor needs to fulfil the following criteria, for the liver transplant surgery in India
Should be an adult of 18-55 years of age
Should weigh anywhere between 50 – 85kg
Should be willing to donate
Should have a matching blood group with the recipient
Should be a family member
Should have a properly functioning liver and other body organs
Should have sufficient volume of liver for the recipient if half of the liver is used by the donor
The liver transplant team determines if the donor is an ideal candidate. A series of tests are performed before the surgery, it is important for you to know everything about the liver transplant surgery and its processes, before deciding to undergo the surgery. When the doctor confirms about the surgery date, a minimum stay of 3 months in India is needed for the entire procedure.
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The doctors at Liver Helpline India, have performed more than 750 live related donor liver transplants with excellent survival rate.