Being a SuperWoman isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright tough. So many expectations, especially from yourself. Sometimes it feels like you’re being pulled in a thousand directions. And, sometimes, when you don’t live up to those expectations, things unravel, fall apart and you have to rethink and re-evaluate what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and where you’re going. Sometimes, you actually need to evaluate who you are, deep down, and what you really want your life to be like.

As a SuperWoman, you have a certain kind of life and mindset and sometimes you can get mentally, energetically and/or spiritually constipated. How do you know if you’re in this place? It can show up as overwhelm because you just don’t know how to get “it” all done, stress and anxiety because you’re trying to meet someone else’s expectations, frustration because you know, deep down, that you’re not giving yourself what you really need and desire, you’re not living your dreams.

Sometimes you might also have physical symptoms, like digestive constipation, migraines, anxiety, stress, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, Crohn’s and etc. If you’ve squelched your true desires, disowned your dreams and shackled your talents, usually because you think you “have to” or “should” do something else or because you want to please someone else or you picked up that message when you were little, you know what I’m talking about. And, it’s time to pay attention and do something about it.

I know because I’ve been there and, let me tell you, it’s not a pretty picture when you let it build to the boiling point. I had an inner crisis that took hold in my life and boiled over – it laid me low. I had become so caught up in what I thought I was supposed to be doing that I lost sight of what I really wanted. In fact, I had no real idea of what I wanted in life, nor could I remember what dreams were mine vs. what dreams belonged to my parents or society or anyone else I thought I needed to please.

This inner crisis impacted every area of my life. I lost everything, literally and figuratively. I lost my business, my house, my dog died, one of my best friends committed suicide, I found out that two people very close to me betrayed me and were instrumental in my business failing and I lost my relationship. All these things happened within the span of two months, though the relationship held on for longer, it too went with the fall.

I had a meltdown. I’d reached bottom, a pit so low that I wondered if I’d ever climb back out of it financially, mentally or spiritually. I knew there was something deep down that I held as a belief about myself and about life. I knew there was a reason I’d gotten so far off course. The answer came to me during a deep, guided meditation where I’d asked to know what was holding me back and blocking me and it shocked me.

In fact, it shook me and what I thought I’d believed my entire life. I found that I held a belief that wouldn’t let me be successful in life at all – ever – because I was female. I’d actually made an agreement with myself as a young girl that I was a failure from the start and that my life was doomed. Because I was a girl, I would never win, never “make it,” never succeed.

Can you imagine?! I’d set myself up from the beginning to never really make it because I wasn’t born male. Consciously I know this is preposterous, crazy even, but there it was. Maybe some of you can relate?

It took me several years and a lot of work to climb back out of that pit. I used every technique I had and found more along the way. I got a lot of support from my sister, meditated every day and night, and kept taking baby steps until I reached a point where I knew I was back and better than ever.

Having the tools and techniques I’ve learned over the years, the same ones I use in my coaching and healing work, I addressed that old, misguided agreement and freed myself of it for good. Now, I know that I can climb to whatever heights I choose and that nothing can stand in my way. I can take off in any direction because I AM a girl. Better than that, in fact, I am a Woman, a Super Woman, and I can achieve anything I desire.

How about you? Do you ever feel like something’s holding you back? Are you caught up in the SuperWoman syndrome? Do you know that you can achieve anything you desire? I know you can. Let’s talk about it. ,a href="">Click here to comment on my website.

Author's Bio: 

Gia is a SuperWoman Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Reiki Master and Healer.

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