The quality and meaning you get to enjoy in your life, is never measured by the size of your paycheque or the type and size of your motor vehicle or even whether you have managed to accumulate one million dollars in cash in the bank. The ultimate measure of anyone’s life is in the fulfilment they get to live and how much meaning they see in what they get to do every day. How you enjoy meaning and see fulfillment is unique to you and your specific circumstances. You unique set of circumstances will dictate what constitutes either to you. Living a good life, which is filled with meaning and fulfillment, is unique to you and your circumstances. I do however feel that there are a few common elements, which must be in place for anyone to find their own place of meaning.

The first element which must be present for us to live a worthwhile life, where we feel fulfilled and like we have made a contribution to our world, is productivity. Think about the times you have felt the most energized and fulfilled, was it not after a really productive day, where you managed to achieve all or most of the things you set out to achieve that day? Our major purpose on this planet is not to rest and vegetate, we are creative beings and we find meaning in doing, not wasting our lives in front of the TV. Be as productive as possible and you will feel real meaning and fulfillment start to flow into your experience.

The second crucial element necessary to live a life of meaning, is one where you get to build meaningful, long term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people around you. There is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than having a strong support system around you. The people around you, do not only offer support and comfort to you, but they are an integral part of your world and through them, you get to leave an indelible mark on the planet, a mark which will live on long after you are gone. Nothing can match the satisfaction, which comes from experiencing a real meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship with people around you.

The third element, which I feel is crucial to live a life of meaning and fulfillment, is one where you feel like you are an integral part of something bigger than yourself. This can come in many forms and depending on your unique circumstances, may be in the form of a group cultural experience or membership of a religious group or even the fulfillment, which may come from being part of your team at work or within a sporting group. The crucial element necessary here, is that you must feel included and part of something, which can make a difference to your world. Being part of a group of people, in whatever form it may take, brings vitality and energy to you and your world and allows you to feel needed.

The fourth element of a fulfilling and meaningful life comes in the form of spirituality. However you interpret your own spiritual experience and needs, is completely unique to you, your beliefs and your background. It does not matter what form your spiritual connection takes, fulfillment comes from connection to spirit and nothing more. So ensure that you find what works for you and work to build meaningful connection to your version of spiritual connection and meaning. Don’t be careless with this important part of your life experience, it is a really important facet of what makes us who we are.

Finally have integrity and live a whole and authentic life in which you meet every commitment you make. When you learn the art of always meeting every commitment you make and people know that your word is your bond, you feel satisfied and fulfilled. People who are unreliable or who live superficial lives, where they cannot be depended on, never ever feel fulfilled or satisfied. Live a complete life, filled with honesty and integrity and there will be an almost magical glow, which will shine form you into the world. This magic will be reflected straight back at you and will infuse your life with an incredible vitality and sense of meaning and purpose.

When you can include all the elements as described above, into your experience and you live a life with purpose. You will find meaning and fulfillment in your life, you will wake up excited by the prospects your day offers and end each day, energized and passionate about what you did that day. The life you will get to lead will feel magical and really worthwhile.

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Andrew is an expert and master teacher that speaks and teaches self-leadership, expanded awareness, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. He guides individuals and business professionals, to identify, prioritise and carry out the right activities, consistently, so that they can maximise their personal effectiveness and deliver their best; on time, every time. All the tools and techniques Andrew teaches; have been tested in the laboratory of his own life and the many successful businesses he has owned and led, over the past 20 years. These strategies have seen Andrew achieve financial independence and reach a point of harmonious balance in all areas of his life. His purpose is to help as many people as possible, achieve similar or better results and to show them how they can realise their full potential, both personal and professionally and to help them live a meaningful life, where they are fulfilled in all areas.