When the angel of death arrives in your family, there is no way of stopping it. When it comes and takes the life of your spouse, you have no choice but to cope with it. Easier said than done because part of you went to the grave with your spouse.

The pain is excruciatingly paralyzing, you just want to lie down and wait for the angel of death to take you away too. You get to thinking this is worst than death itself- to keep on living when your spirit is dead. You’re angry to the world, why does it have to be you.

You miss you husband terribly; his absence is so erringly lonely, you feel desolated. So many questions passing through your mind, what will happen to you now? To the kids? To the your life” you are so use of taking care of everything for you. Death of a spouse is one of major occurrences that can alter your life and your way of living.

If not handled well the living spouse may go through deep depression and may not be able to snap out of it. Death is truly selfish but don’t let it take the best of you. Here are some few suggestions in living after death. Take care of yourself, if you find it hard to sleep find some way to find healthy alternatives to help you sleep, if you have no appetite, at least drink some liquids or take some dietary supplement.

You’re already hurting in the inside at least make some effort to stay healthy on the outside. The urge to take some alcohol and cigarettes may be strong but if you can stay away from it, it will just make matters worst. Exercising can help a lot. Exercising is the best way to take pressure and stress.

Go on or continue with your daily routine and once in a while go out of the house and have some fresh air. Containing yourself inside your house can intensify your grieving process. Replying to mail and condolence letter is good for you. Reading their condolences makes will make you feel you are not alone.

Another way of dealing with the loss is cleaning out the drawers and closets; you should do this by yourself or with someone very close to you, where you can rekindle and talk about the memories your late husband left. Start a diary or journal, it can relieve you from pent up emotions.

Never forget the legalities, in the funeral home be sure to ask at least 10 certified copy of the death certificate, have your social security number ready. Visit the bank and settle the legalities needed, also mortgages and credit. Inform social security, organizations, real estate and auto titles, bonds, stock title if there’s any.

Never overlook your insurance claims. If you still can, take control of everything. If you think you need it join a support group and last but not the least cry it out. Sometimes, you like going away but it is wise not to make any drastic and major decisions at the moment.

If there are decisions that have to be made, let it wait. The least you want is more stress in your part. Make the most of your life, be good to yourself- without a doubt this is what your late spouse wants you to do.

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