What is a desktop screensaver? Today, knows almost every person who uses computers. These programs have many different names, but they are intended for one thing - make a machine "alive", to make it aesthetically appealing, besides they do and many other features.

In most cases, represent screensavers animated images that appear on the screen if a man for a while does not use a computer (including those not pressing a key on the keyboard or moves the manipulator "mouse"). Period of time after which the screen savers are beginning to act, set in the parameters of the system. There you can also specify a password that need to be sure to enter to re-gain access to the desktop.

Download screensavers may be at special Internet sites, it is good that the global network, there are many such resources with a variety of collections of animated screensavers. For convenience they are divided into categories, so that the choice necessary for you animated images do not bring any difficulties.

Delving into the history of the emergence of savers, we should remember that the first screensavers were purely utilitarian purposes. Invent them not to appeal, but in order to monitor does not burn. At the dawn of computers a static image that is displayed on the screen during idle times in technology, contributed to the phosphor in some places, quickly lost their original characteristics, that is burnt out. It happened not once, but the problem was. Just at that time appeared the first screen savers.

Nowadays, the problem of burnout monitors is outdated. LCDs do not burn out, and old-style monitors with cathode-ray tube remains relatively small. But the screen saver desktop is not only not disappeared as a separate class of programs, but with each year gaining more popularity. This is due to their aesthetic properties, and not to any particular practical use.

Sustained popular screensavers formed the whole group of connoisseurs and lovers of this software resource. Contributes to this and the fact that screensavers for your computer to your applications do not require any special knowledge. It should be free to download screensavers (screen savers), install them, as well as many other programs and they are ready to use. After graduation, you can customize the splash screen under him: for example, enable or disable background sound to indicate the time interval after which the animated image will appear on the screen, and so on. In principle, within minutes after installation, you can go to relax, looking at the attractive motion picture.

Developing and complicated, screen savers from the usual sky turned into a whole animated works of art. Difficult to name a banal splash colorful underwater world of a mythical ocean, where the majestic fish, swimming among the coral and algae, surprise peered through the computer screen, shaking them from hurt the nimble little cousins, hurrying off somewhere on business. By the way, some manufacturers intentionally add your screensaver program is relaxing function, in other words, this combination of image and sound that sets people on the working mood, helps to release tension, calms and gives the charge a good mood.

Impossible not to mention that the screen saver desktop can perform protective functions. As mentioned above, the person may specify in the settings of the system password to be entered in order to stop a screen saver. This is very handy if you sometimes have to move away from the workplace and does not want to close the important documents. To avoid this problem, just download screensavers desktop, install it and specify a password. Now, before leaving the office, you have to manually start the screensaver and be sure that no one yet you do not will not be able to use a computer. Understandably, this kind of protection does not apply to the laurels of a universal, but in most cases it is able to be quite correct.

That is the essence of the desktop screen savers, which will appear as the defenders of monitors are gradually separated into a family of instruments. No matter how trendy and powerful computers were not, most of them apply a variety of screen saver. This is very interesting and original solution that allows even a boring office computer starts to seem a little more fun.

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