I have a dream, of a society that has reached its psychic potential on an individual and group level. I dream of the day when it is the norm for people to trust, respect, listen and discuss our psychic guidance with our peers.

A time when society frowns upon taking action that doesn't follow our internal guidance. A time of encouraging each other to follow our hearts. A time of knowing that individuals leading self guided lives leads us all to greater expansion. I envision an era that treasures and nurtures the individual psychic abilities. I look forward to society using telepathy as a major form of communication.

How do I do my part in the here and now?

I am open with others in my life about following my guidance. I have become much more willing over the past few years to discuss my awareness with others. It's really a practice being open and honest. It has become more natural for me to discuss my psychic impressions with others. I realize it doesn't serve me or others for me to keep my awareness hidden. I do admit it wasn't always that way for me.

In the past, as a child and young adult I was "in the closet". I felt fear of rejection and ridicule. Other people weren't openly talking about their internal guidance.

I remember being in school as a child and knowing answers to questions that I had never thought about before. I would see a vision in my mind's eye of the answer and be all lit up on the inside. But I wouldn't raise my hand. I never wanted to explain how I knew things.

In fact, my way of knowing things was a major stumbling block for me when I started law school. I had to explain step by step my answers. In the long run it was a blessing to learn how to break things down. My communication skills expanded immensely.

So, over the past few years I've learned to share more openly with my trusted family and friends. For example, sharing with my sister that my guides told me I don't need to catch the illness that her and my niece had. She acted a bit skeptical when I told her that. Then a year later, she had the same experience of her guides telling her she didn't need to catch the "bug" going around.

In fact sometimes when I'm talking to my husband these days I mention "they said". He's asks, "Who are they?". "My guides, of course", I reply. I know now, at least with my family and friends, it's become so natural for me to share my internal impressions I don't even think about it anymore.

Now, sharing my psychic awareness with others beyond my immediate family and friends is becoming more natural. (I'm writing to You, who I've never met, aren't I?)

My five year old daughter announced to me a couple of weeks ago that she wants to go to kindergarten. I was surprised by this since we've been home schooling her and her sister for 3 years now. Well, one of my goals with home schooling is for her to know herself and follow her guidance. She is very determined and insistant that she is going to school. So I took her to meet her teacher and see the class room.

On the way home I asked her about the color of the teachers' auras. On our next visit later that week while talking to the principal and the kindergarten teacher I did tell them about my daughters impressions on the color of the auras. Her teacher to be lit up and said that the colors my daughter saw were her favorite. I was very happy about how natural the conversation about aura colors went. They were both open and accepting and seemed to think it very natural that she was seeing their auras.

I envision a day when people at work and school share with each other about their psychic impressions. A day when we can call into work or school and say, "I need to stay home today, my guides told me in my dream last night I need to rest today so I can stay healthy". The people we interact with accept our personal awareness and trust us. They have acknowledged their own inner psychic so they check in with themselves and feel the truth of our communications.

I know we aren't fully there, yet. But we are getting closer to my dream. At least in my life, I notice we are becoming more aware and open.

If You share my dream, You can do your part too.

- by listening to and following your own guidance.

- by sharing with others about your psychic impressions. Start with those You are most comfortable with.

- by talking about psychic impressions in general with your children, your spouses, your friends.

- by listening to other's inner awareness with an open heart.

By connecting with your own guidance and being confident and open in following it, You give others around You permission to follow their inner psychic too.

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Using the principles taught at Psychic Potentials Christy DeArment Martin has increased her innate psychic abilities, eliminated paralyzing fears, gained extreme clarity and serenity, and lives successfully. Christy is a catalyst in other’s attaining their desires as well.
Christy became aware of her psychic abilities as a child. Her parents nurtured her intuition and inner knowing. She knew she was a Light-worker from a young age and was very aware of the energy around her. Christy DeArment Martin became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2000 which greatly enhanced her innate psychic abilities.
She is a self taught tarot reader and has been giving psychic readings for over 20 years. Christy’s uplifting and expansive reading style leaves the reader with clear insight and a sense of direction.
Christy DeArment Martin is co-founder of Psychic Potentials, located in Colorado. Psychic Potentials offers new and full moon readings, psychic development products and classes, and personal psychic readings.
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