Some people are missing out on an important part of their life. Usually it takes some traumatic event to awaken the thought. So, let’s go over some of the areas that might be affected. Only you know the solution.

1) Career-Are you where you want to be? This includes the type of career, the hours that you work, etc. Is your career consuming your life?
2) Children-Do you have the amount of children that you had planned on? Are your children consuming all the areas of your life?
3) Love-Are you happy with your partner? Are you just “comfortable” in the relationship? Are you staying together due to the economy? 4) Boundaries-Do you challenge yourself to do things or go places that go past your boundaries? Do you still take risks? Have you tried to do something that you have always wanted to do?
5) Relationships-Are they the type that you need or are they toxic? Have you met anyone new in the last month? Do you go out as much as you should? Are you pro-active and introduce yourself to people?
6) Travel-Have you traveled where you have always dreamt of? Are you still spontaneous and just get in the car and drive?

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, at some point you evaluate where you are and where it is you are headed. Along that way to your destination you could lose an important part of who you are. This could be done easily by getting so comfortable in our comfort zone that we don’t initiate things like we did before we got comfortable. The initiative still has to be there regardless of what category you feel the need to change. Embrace the changes that you want to make. Welcome new experiences and people into your life. People and experiences help you grow. Remember, you only have one life. Make your list of places and things that you want to do and make the time and do it.

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